Saturday, January 14, 2023

Running Joseph Mohr's Rapture A Pay What You Want Adventure For Cepheus Engine With Stars Without Numbers Revised Rpg - One Shot Session Report

 "The travelers are approached by two concerned parents. Their daughter, Jenna, has fallen into the clutches of a strange religious cult known as the Triumphant Lodge of the Rapture. These cultists live together on a base on an asteroid and allow no visitors. They seem peaceful enough but they do not permit contact with relatives. They want their daughter rescued and brought back home safely. " 

So tonight I got a chance to run a Cepheus Engine one shot with Rapture by Joseph Mohr but with Stars Without Number Rpg as the base system. I was able to set Rapture at the edge of Independance Games Earth Sector. The Triumphant Lodge of the Rapture has been gaining ground on world after world. And they are willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve thier goals. 
While in star port the travelers are approached by a married couple about a delicate mission. Their daughter has fallen prey to a religious cult known in the sector as the ”Triumphant Lodge of Rapture.” Earlier some of the travelers even noticed that some strangely dressed young people were handing out literature that bore this cult’s name on it. These young cultists all wear brightly colored robes and necklaces of flowers and beads. They can be seen all over the star port." 

While the characters weren't interested in kidnapping the couple's daughter but they were interested in what the cult was up too. There are two reasons for this. One was the isolated nature of the cult out on the very fringes of the frontier of the Earth Sector.  The second reason was that number of members of the cult that the PC's ran into on each & every star ship facility within the system tonight. Couple this with the fact that the cult has an asteriod base. And the PC's decided too infilitrate the cult as new members. And take out the cult from the inside out. They became new members & it took them seven days (game time) to work thier way separately onto the asteroid base. 

Once on board the asteriod the PC's came face to face with an armed camp. They weren't armed but quickly aquired weapons from the cultists themselves. And went to work sewing chaos throughout the base. When the PC's found the operation & scale of the cult's operation then it was time to take down the menace to the local colonies. The PC's did kidnap the leader & sabotaged the asteriod base then used the escape pod with the cult leader to the local authorities. They kept the 100,000 credits & claimed the other 100,000 credits for turning the cult into the local military. 
 Rapture by Joseph Mohr but with Stars Without Number Rpg as the base system went very well. Because we  set Rapture at the edge of Independance Games Earth Sector the Old West edge of the Frontier  quality of the Earth sector quality was something that we played up. And this gave the cult an almost horror like edge to them. And plus the fact that the cultists always acted first & without a really good reason made them seem deranged. And there was the fact that they seemed almost pod person like. All in all Rapture by Joseph Mohr took about four hours to complete. 

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