Monday, January 16, 2023

Review & Commentary On Angry Golem Game's The Stars Without Number The Starship Database For Stars Without Numbers Revised & Other Science Fiction OSR Systems

 What leads one around the bend & back again?! In these uncertain times one thing is certain everything falls apart. And the center can not hold. What led me to Cepheus Engine & eventually back to classic Traveller. What led to this rabbit hole?! The death of a dear friend who was in our Stars without Numbers Revised campaign sent our first group of players into a death spiral. Our group of players picked up the pieces and started back with Cepheus Engine. But after the recent events with Cowards of the Coast, we've been talking back up plan. Which led us back to Stars Without Number again & then I started looking at Angry Golem Games again. This led to The Stars Without Number The Starship Database

The Stars Without Number The Starship Database is well layed out, has a nice smattering of starships & works very well at only thirty pages of starships & supplemental material for SWN revised. And the starships are actually well done & they do fit the era as well as the asthetic that Angry Golem Games is going for here. 

Confession time,I really love the SWN revised  backstory and fluff. But the space combat bothers me on a number of levels. After going through Cepheus Engine rpg combat & running campaigns. We switched out the SWN revised  space combat system over to Cepheus Engine rpg. And it still works quite nicely. Where we would use the The Stars Without Number The Starship Database? After looking it over the various types here such as the:
AVISPA - Tactical Boarding Shuttle

BASILISK - Tactical Bomber

HESTIA - Farm Ship

HORIZONTE - Fuel Station

HORUS - Science Vessel

IRON KNIGHT - Space Truck

RUDRA - Strategic Orbital Bomber

SOBOLAN - Smuggler Corvette

STIRGE - Tactical Interceptor

YAN-SHU - Mining Barge

These starships are perfectly suited to use in the high frontier of either the Clement Sector or the Earth Sector of Independence games.

While I do realize that The Stars Without Number The Starship Database fits a particular set of parameters within the SWN revised rpg. The beauty of these ships is that they would not look out of place within a Michael Johnson Earth sector or Clement sector starport. The Stars without Number The Starship Database is a solid entry into the Angry Golem games catalog of products. 

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