Friday, January 20, 2023

Review & Commentary On Simple Modernity By The Scrying Dutchman Basic Rules For Modern Day Themed Play For Favorite Retroclone rpg

 Now I make no secret that firearms are something that comes up all of the time in modern OSR rpg's all of the time. The Scrying Dutchman has been someone that's been on my radar for a long time now. And Simple Modernity is an OSR optional add on B/X firearms suppliment that's been a long time coming. 

Simple Modernity is a fast reading, quick paced OSR system for firearms & those who use them. These rules can be used with your favorite OSR game. As a rules set  Simple Modernity kicks ass. You've got an excellent selection of modern themed OSR PC classes who use & twist firearms within thier professions. Soldiers, assassins, snipers, medics, etc are all here ready to be dragged & dropped into your favorite OSR system. Need a new class for your Wretchedverse game?! These are perfect canadiates. Want shotgun or other automatic military firearm for your OSR style game? Again it's right here! 
How about grenades!? Or  selection of  armor for your latest warzone?! The Scrying Dutchman  is your man with wide selection of firearms to peek your adventurer's intest or ruin their day! 
Need a main battle tank to take out that powersuited player?! Again 
Simple Modernity has you covered! Need equipment for your secret agents or soldiers?!  Simple Modernity  has you covered! 
What can you actually do with 
Simple Modernity!? How about run your favorite classic modules from the world's most popular fantasy rpg with a group of OSR soldiers or soldiers of fortune?! And while this isn't a new idea it could run like clock work! 
How about stranding a group of soldiers on LoFP's Carcosa?! You can do that with 
Simple Modernity. Clocking in at forty one pages of firearms action pounding goodness  Simple Modernity has good layout, solid easy to read charts, & runs less then a modern news print magazine!  Simple Modernity  is a low cost, viable, reliable set of firearms rules that you can add onto your favorite retroclone! 

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