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OSR Thoughts on The Gamma World Rpg, Thundarr The Barbarian Cartoon & The Hyperborea Rpg?! Mindok The Mind Menace Comes To Call

 Let's pick up the Thundarr thread from here & let's bring on of the most dangerous villains of The Thundarr The Barbarian cartoon. 

Mindok The Mind Menace: "I am supreme among wizards. I have taught this to Zoa; now, Thundarr must learn it as well." Mindok is the primary antagonist of the season 1 episode 3 Mindok the Mind Menace. He was one of the more formidable opponents faced by Thundarr and his allies.

Mindok is one of the most powerful wizards that Thundarr & co have faced. And he get's transplanted into a brand new cybernetic body. Mindok then goes into large outer ring Earth orbit around Old Earth in one of the most formiable war machines he has ever constructed. And according to Ariel he shall remain there forever. 
Or so it would appear?! What if Mindok doesn't remain in orbit but instead rides the Boreas winds until his warmachine is knocked off course?! 
And then travels to another world or asteriod. Then our insane evil wizard begins building his powerbase from the ground up again. 
Mindok has survived the Great Cataclysm, developing both magic & mental mutations. Let's assume that he is around the eighth or nineth wizard mark.And he's capable of using variations on the phantasmal force school of spells as well as telepathy. And also capable of using other mental based spells ala the Hyperborea rpg. 
Even with variations of several minor mental mutations add onto Mindok's NPC profile. The fact is that he's more then a match for almost any experianced party. The key to this is the robotic body with it's hill giant style strength. The cybernetic body is at best clumsy & at worst more of a utility unit. 

And while Mindok has been in deep orbit he's bound to have repaired his cybernetic body. And that warmachine seen at the end of the episode is likely to house other robotic servants or minions. That warmachine is not to be underesitmated either. These robotic units could have an engineering bot on board with time & energy repaired the control board on the warmachine.

If we're using Hyperborea, Mindok might have found his way to the Cracked Moon of Old Earth. And we know absolutely nothing about this moon. However we know that it is a been subject to the same cosmic forces of the Earth that created Thundarr's world.  

If Mindok did reach Old Earth's cracked moon then it's possible that he made serious repairs to his war machine with the relics & technologies that were found on the Cracked Moon. And from here Mindok sets out to look for new worlds to conquer. 
And the Boreas winds take Mindok's warsmachine into deep orbit around the outer edges of Hyperborea. And here's where events get tricky. Mindok uses the ancient Atlantian space locks to dock after he encountered relics of Atlantis on the Cracked Moon. The Gamma World fourth edition rpg hints that there's been crossovers with the world's most popular fantasy rpg. Gamma World fourth edition has a ton of space colonies, intersellar generation ships, all of which could theoricially link up with the fact that 
 the Great Cataclysm could have a mythological explaination. Meaning that Mindok could easily see Hyperborea as a another opportunity for conquest. 

Mindok starts going about as business as usual for a deadly black wizard with access to a full blown operational warmachine. Can a party of adveturers stop a wizard of Mindok's power?! Yes I believe they can and we'll get into how & why next time! 

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