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Review & Commentary On The Roosevelt Intercepter Distroyer By Michael Johnson & Independence Games For The Cepheus Engine, The Clement Sector Rpg & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction rpgs

 “I saw one of these while part of a delegation sent by Boone to discuss several issues of import with the Cascadian government. Looks retro impressive, certainly fast but if it caught another destroyer and engaged it then at least it could run away just as fast when that destroyer it caught by the tail responded. These ships are too lightly armed for a destroyer.” - Commander James Lightfoot United States Space Navy, Boone, June 2, 2340 (standard)
So Independence Games sent over their latest ship the Roosevelt - Class Intercept Destoryer and let's dive into it! 

Micheal Johnson & John Watts have been at it again for the Clement Sector & this time it's a nasty little bird with a few surprises. The Roosevelt class is in a class all of it's own & it fits a great role as both deep escort & destroyer. Independence games has a very solid take on the Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer. 
Type: Destroyer Class: Roosevelt System: Cascadia Service Date: 2335 to current Displacement: 1,200 tonnes (16,800 cu.m) Mass Tonnage: 7,200 tonnes Length: 138.25m Beam: Fwd: 11.5m, Aft: 47.5m, Wings: 76.5m Thrust: 5G Complement: 106 (17 Officers, 83 Enlisted and 6 Marines) Craft Carried: 1x Ship’s Boat, 1x Fast Launch Armament: Primary: 2x 50 tonne Meson Gun bays Secondary: 2x 50 tonne Fusion Gun bays Light (turrets): 6x triple beam laser turrets 2x triple turrets (2x missile/1x sandcaster) Defenses: Point Defense Node Array (12 nodes) Armor: Crystaliron

 The Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer is perfect for the frontier of the Clement sector as a deep penatrating destroyer. And we get everything we need from history, stats, weapons systems, variants & more. The Roosevelt class fills the folllowing need,"the fleet that believed that a new destroyer design needed to be fast and more heavily armed, relying on rapid, hard hitting, long range hit and fade tactics to make up for the lack of armor protection, or that the design needed to maintain protection to improve survivability" The Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer is a predator & a mid tier predator. The writing is very well done, the layout is excellent, and quality is what we've come to expect from Independence Games! I really love Ian Stead & Michael Johnson's designs & artwork for this ship. 
The role of the Roosevelt class in the Wild West style  frontier of the Clement sector is similar to the role of the 
U.S. Cavalry;
 "The traditions of the U.S. Cavalry originated with the horse-mounted force which played an important role in extending United States governance into the Western United States, especially after the American Civil War (1861–1865), with the need to cover vast ranges of territory between scattered isolated forts and outposts of the minimal resources given to the stretched thin U.S. Army." And I believe that in the Clement sector the Roosevelt is going to serve this need as well for many years too come. And it's the fact that the Roosevelt class is really well designed to give a group of pirates a bloody nose & then some. 
And in this regard the 
Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer is perfectly designed to get the job done. I need three things from the Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer. A real threat to our pirate PC's. An adventure point & piece of setting material as a ship that appears to do it's job & for that the Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer is ideally suited! And three the Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer is needed as a fleet ship's deep terrority scout & destroyer. Again it's ideally suited to the role. 

 The Roosevelt  Intercepter Distroyer By Michael Johnson & Independence Games For The Cepheus Engine,  The Clement Sector Rpg & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction rpgs Is Available Right Here 

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