Friday, January 27, 2023

Original Castles & Crusades Revolution - The Unquiet Treasure of the Dead - Session Report Four

 This blog post picks right back up into our last session report here.  The party has settled into its role in the city as trouble shooters & problem solvers. This time the party responded to the plight of a local woman & her child who were haunted by the ghosts of the ancients. The wizards of the party were skeptical but the child talked about there being jewels & gold on them. 
The monther recalled the legends of Mmatmuor and Sodosma" & yet the party's cleric was a bit confused about the matter. At three A.M. the first of the bejeweled  skeletons showed up at the mother's back door. Royal SKELETON NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1–10 SAVES: P SIZE: Medium INT: None HD: 1 (d12) ALIGNMENT: Neutral MOVE: 30 ft. TYPE: Undead (Common) AC: 13 TREASURE: 3 ATTACKS: Weapon XP: 10+1 
Armed to the teeth & glowing with necromatic energies the ten skeletons silently attacked our party. And it was a fight to the death. They seemed to come in endless waves as party pondered what to do. The giant swollen sun broke over the horizon & the skeletons faded with the coming sun! Were these skeletons connected with the royals of the last session?! 

Rodney Mathews artwork used without permission. 

The party was a bit freaked by the skeletons & the fact that there was no alien trader to save them. They needed answers to save the mother & child. With a quick trip into the town proper they began to engage the local cleric of  Mordiggian. The cleric was more then happy to help them if they would owe him a favor. And proceeded to tell them about an ancient royal cemetary that had been covered by the sands. The tomb was home to a very noble family whose retainers had died defending the tomb.The royals corpses themselves have gone on to protect the crypts. 
The party's cleric could engage the skeletons with a speak with the dead scroll for the price of a future job. It was agreed. And three A.M. the next night the ritual was cast and the cleric engaged while the fighters stood guard. 
And good thing they did because a bandit & his six henchmen had gotten wind of the ritual from a noisy neighbor. As the cleric engaged the ghosts the party dealt with the desert bandits! 
The ghosts of the royals were assured that the mother & child meant no harm & that thier crypts were being defended even now. The ghosts wanted concessions & the souls of the bandits were offered. The ghosts excepted. The screaming echoed throughout the neighborhood even as the ghosts offered the mother & son a jeweled trinket as a token. They offered three necklaces to the party in return for watching over the cemetary from time to time. And so the deal was struck! 
And now the 
cleric of Geol is being summoned by his spectral libararian for a mission! Tune in next week! 

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