Thursday, January 26, 2023

Cha'alt Dream Crystals & Bad Times In the Wretched Spaceverse - Session Report Three

 So this afternoon has been a fun time dealing with irrate phone company, the USP, & the facts of an increasingly complex Science Fantasy campaign landscape. It's enough to make someone long for the pirate's life specifically the space pirate's life! So there's one group of my players who love to play the 'bad guys' & the last time we got together was about six weeks ago. They were playing smugglers & intergalatic cut throats from the Wretched Spaceverse. They had ripped off a cargo of Cha'alt dream crystals. 

The fact is what the group has is in point of fact the crystalized fetus of a Great Old One so the clock is ticking. And it's ticking fast for our party of idiots erm adventurers. The fetus is being to influence the party's thoughts as they bought weapons & ammo on one world & brought those over to another world. They gave said weapons to both sides and proceeded to tape the entire war & solid it as a 'pay per view' to within the Federation's bounties for a couple of million credits. I keep calling for rolls for slight and temporary losses of intelligence, wisdom, etc. as the clock keeps ticking. 

What the party is not aware of is the number of bounty hunters on their tales. And why?! Because the PC's "stole" this crystal fetus from the cult of demon clowns who proceeded to burn the cash the PC's gave them. 
The party was going to hose the clowns but their shaman told em not to. These weren't really clowns folks & are somethings best left alone. The party found a bag of drugs the clowns left behind & proceeded to get high until the next morning. They found themselves tied to the hood of a clown car waiting for a demon worm to take out the whole party. With a knife, a razor blade, and some luck the idi erm party managed to get away just before the demon worm took the car. They found their equipment stacked up for Cha'alt sirens to take their place. 
The PCs rogue Milly the Murauder lost his life after having half of his face eaten by one of the sirens. The rest of the party ran to the shuttle & managed to make it back to their ship the Dolly Parton! They blasted off into deep orbit & hit hyperspace. 
Then it was a close call at the space diner with a skip tracer and his band of literal law hounds! There wasn't any blaster fire as the party eluded the hounds. They made it back to their ship as they were had fuel and food! One of the hounds made it aboard their ship after shaking a psionic blast by their mind wizad Rufus. 
The fetus inside the crystal absorbed the hound in one quick flash of eldritch green light! And charmed the mind wizard easily. We ended with the party coming to investigate the flashes  commotion in the ship's hold 
The players are firmly convinced that their PC's are going become full cultists going forward!? I'm not sure their going to live that long. 

The throbbing green crystal keeps giving of alien radiations & the party things it might be a good idea to hold on too it instead of selling it!? 

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