Friday, January 13, 2023

'The Oubliette' - Adventurer, Conqueror, King, Rpg Session Report One & By This Axe: The Cyclopedia of Dwarven Civilization

 " Nancy looked slowly around here within the mist were the familar & deadly shapes of the Chaos races. The eyes glowed against her dark vision but barely illuminated the terrifying shapes in the mist. She could barely make out the out line of the ogres, the trolls, & the goblins. The magick gathered its way into her palm crawling along the lin
es of the rivulets & veins as the alien words jumped into mind unbidden. Even as the shapes moved closer.Ever closer & Nancy swore she could hear the claws scrapping along the forrest floor' That's when she awoke in sweat & tears the bed cloths damp against her skin. She had instinctively reached towards her kru dagger which was almost a short sword. And that's when the knock came on the wooden door to her room. 

Nancy our Elven Spellsword from our Friday night ACK's game inspired by artwork from Grzegorz Rutkowski. Artwork used without permission. Check out this guy's artwork he's fantastic!
The party has just made it too the village of Tur'ara a small village that looks like it was transported from the Cotswalds in the United Kingdom. Specifically, Tur'ara looks exactly like the village of Bisley. Tur'ara is made up of the lost, the misplaced, & the damned from across the multiverse. The basis for the village however is a colony of Dwarves & the village is ruled however by the Red Knight. The Red Knight is mysterious alien entity who rules the area in the name of the 'owners' who own & rule 'The Oubliette'. The player's other PC's met with Nancy in village market & she had no idea how she got there. DM Steve's fighter Paul the Justice hooked up with Nancy in the market. This was followed by Paul taking on Rusuman the hand of Omi (cleric) who rushed to Nancy's aid. Paul almost but not quite had his pocket picked by Lyniotus & Drafon two thieves from a world with gun powder (Dark Albion). Paulla & Jeremy's characters are these two thieves.We were joined tonight by Anna & her husband John who are taking on Tar a Dwarven Machinest & Casza The Doomed a Dwarven Vault Guard. Everyone rallied around Nancy. The party then began to try to figure out how they had gotten too the village of Tur'ara. And immediately the party figured out that they had been taken from thier respective planes & homes. They were refugees & prisoners on this new world. And the party decided to visit the Dwarven money changer to get some coin & money. Any cash or coinage they had was changed over & the party decided to get a drink at the local tavern the 'Stormhaven'. A newer inn at only five hundred years old & the party immediately asked about rooms. And the second thing was food. With a meal cleared out of the way the party wanted to explore & inquire about work. The money they had wasn't going to last long. And it wasn't long before the party learned of the local Dwarven mine & the trouble they were having with what they referred to as Schira'rua (mine spawn) creatures. Monsters left over from before the world was formed. The party was immediately taken to meet Master Thomas ( the wizard). Master Thomas had been working at the mine for a month or so. He was very glad to make the party's aquaintence & was certain that there would be jobs at the Dwarven mine. Here we ended for tonight's session.
Alright so we've had a great ACK's beginning session & this is because I grabbed a copy of By This Axe: The Cyclopedia of Dwarven Civilization. And already I put together this on the side campaign after the OGL Cowards of the Coast business. This controversy cost me a ton of time & energy with various friends. By This Axe: The Cyclopedia of Dwarven Civilization is well worth your time & energy. Is an excellent resource on the Dwarven civilization. 

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