Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Review & Commentary On Moon Toad Publishing's Ship Book:Panga Class Merchant For Cepheus Engine Or Your Old School 2d6 Rpg

Let's pick up it up from yesterday on the blog . So this morning I've been quietly establishing my own sector aka the Washington sector. And  printing out some of the supplemental material that my players are going to want. And this includes mercenary & merchant ships along the Divide. So today a couple of Moon Toad Publishing starships went into my cart. The homage to the film 2001 A Space Odyssey not withstanding. The Ship Book:Panga Class Merchant is one of my all time favorite starship designs. This ship has been used with our White Star,  Stars Without Numbers, Traveller, Cepheus Engine games time & again. 

The way we figure it there's about six months of lead time before Cowards of the Coasts releases the attack lawyers. And so we're getting our independence out of  the way far ahead of the BS. Moon Toad makes an excellent product and the Panga class with it's variants are perfect for sector campaign. 
The Washington sector is the place where we drop our fantasy campaigns into. That's right we're going old school here. Ages ago gamers would place their own home campaigns in the Traveller universe. This time we're going down the old paths by placing our own fantasy campaigns among the stars of Endra Cluster on the fringes of the Washington Sector. The 
Panga Class Merchant star ship is another piece of the puzzle here. 

Panga Class Merchant plans are excellent as many of Ian Stead's creations are. The deckplans are fantastic & well done. The PDF layout is solid & well done with an easy to read font. We get sample crews & profiles. And we also get a full spectrum of the Panga Class Merchant's capabilities,mission specs, and more. Everything here is solidly done, easy to work with, and could actually be used in any Traveller or Cepheus Engine rpg. The fact that we're going to be using the Panga Class Merchant starship is within the wide open spaces of the Devide near the Clement sector and the Panga Class Merchant fits the bill! 

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