Sunday, January 15, 2023

Original Castles & Crusades Revolution - Skeleton Attack- Session Report Two

 This post picks right up from where we last left off here during our last session here. Our Sunday morning Castles & Crusades game came roaring in with our Dwarf exploring the outer edges of a forgotten temple on the Great Desert. The rest of the party wasn't up.. yet. But Felth Irontooth none the less came face to face with ten skeletons of unknown Zothique origin. They were just randomly rolled up! Honest! 
SKELETON NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1–10 SAVES: P SIZE: Medium INT: None HD: 1 (d12) ALIGNMENT: Neutral MOVE: 30 ft. TYPE: Undead (Common) AC: 13 TREASURE: 1 ATTACKS: Weapon XP: 10+1 SPECIAL: Undead
And that's when a alien desert trader happened upon our lone Dwarven warrior and that's when the rest of the party awoke! And rushed in getting thier rears handed to them by the skeletons! 

Rodney Mathews Into The Flame Lands artwork used without permission 

The party were freaked out because these skeletons spoke, were highly intelligent, and wanted the party as well as the trader very dead. It took a good hour of game play to dispatch all ten skeletons. After the trader used a fire ball scroll! And he wanted to be repaid for the scroll. And there was a good amount of back & forth until the Dwarf's player remembered the enterance to the temple! 
Writ inside the temple enterance was the following- The world itself, in the end, shall be turned to a round cipher. -Old prophecy of Zothique. The temple ruin was vast & seemed to strech for what seemed like miles & there were shelf after shelf scrolls moldering & turning to dust. Suddenly the party were confronted with a spectre of a temple libararian. He wanted to know what subject they were looking for within the temple of Yululun is a minor deity in Zothique. He is the "Keeper of the Tombs" (The Weaver in the Vault).
SPECTRE NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1–6 SIZE: Medium HD: 7 (d12) MOVE: 30 ft. AC: 15 ATTACKS: Incorporeal Touch (1d8) SPECIAL: Energy Drain, Create Spawn, Darkvision 60 ft., Incorporeal, Sunlight Powerlessness, Unnatural Aura SAVES: M INT: High ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil TYPE: ExtraordinaryUndead TREASURE: 7 XP: 660+7
The party of adventurers began to tread very carefully now & asked about the section on the occult & sorcererous knowledge. The spectre led them down a series of dark halls & echoing chambers until they came to a vast shelf of moldering scrolls. The cleric of Geol from last adventure, harry's PC thanked the spectre & asked about borrowing policies. There was 20 silver piece fee for joining the library & the cleric dropped the coins into a nearby slotted box on the nearest wall. The rest of the party soon realized they had stumbled upon an opportunity here. 
But the spectre warned them about the giant rats  that were about them! RAT, GIANT NO. ENCOUNTERED: 1–100 SIZE: Small HD: 1 (d4) MOVE: 30 ft., 15 ft. (climb) AC: 13 ATTACKS: Bite (1d2) SPECIAL: Disease, Twilight Vision SAVES: P INT: Animal ALIGNMENT: Neutral TYPE: Animal TREASURE: 1 XP: 1+1

These 10 rats took a bit longer then they were expecting & the party finally was able to claim a huge & dangerous looking spell scroll that was sitting on a nearby shelf. The libarian mentioned that spell scroll had been left behind by a rather obnoxious wizard who was seen fleeing for his life some centuries ago. That book wasn't a part of the temple libarary & the spectre was more then happy to let the party have it for a small donation. About two hours latter the party climbed out of the hole & gave the alien trader the scroll spell book and he was more then happy  with this. 
The party has very potent resource in the form of the temple libarary. And six of the player's PC's moved a rather formible rock over the enterance to the ruin. The party is now inquiring about nearby rooms.
The party's barbarian Thog had a better idea & went over to the nearest ruin & checked it out. Other then desert runners & a few giant rats the place was secure. The party disatched the rats & moved in. They went cleaning up the place & fortified it. They bought several beds & furnature from the alien trader & looted several other ruined appartments. End of session two! 

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