Monday, January 23, 2023

The Deplector Adapted From King Kong (2005) For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

 There are some things that live on & around Kuiju. The Deplector is one such crusteasn  like giant  species.  The Deplector loves to lair itself within the creavices & cracks around low lying areas of Kuiju activity. There these eight foot long scavengers can feed on debris, radiation, and the occassional victim who stumbles into their enviroments. 

These land & underworld giant crusteans feed off anything they can get their claws into. While females could reach up to eight feet in length, males were scarcely larger than a newly-hatched female. They dwell in the back of the female's cavern, fertilizing their eggs and eating scraps of the female's prey.   Hanging in place, with their enormous pincers folded almost Mantis-style in front of them, they wait for small prey to pass the mouths of their holes. Their long antennae are sensitive to vibrations in the air, enabling them to pinpoint prey despite lacking eyes. The bite from one of these horrors causes deplector disease resulting in the prey shaking, having fits, and being easy victims unless a saving throw is made. 

The Deplector lives in the shadow of many Kaiju & these eight foot long horrors often lay their eggs on the bodies of the giant horrors. There are often Deplector swarms that have to be cleaned out after a Kaiju has moved through an area. The Mi Go and other mythos creatures or races cultivate Deplector swarms as clean up crew. Making these monsters a problem even on interstellar worlds as infestations can be found anywhere?! Big Ass Reptiles love to feed on swarms of Deplectors as a light snack. 

# appearing 3d6

5/10, Move 12m, Armor 6, claw (melee 1d damage), Bite (melee 1D damage), , Survival 1,  Combat 1, Melee 1 . Regeneration ,Venom Bite 1 Damage Poison, Disavantage Blind, 

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