Friday, January 20, 2023

Return To Abyss - Anchors Away & A Shot Gun To The Torso! - Session Report Two

 For the last twenty four hours I've been quitly trying to wrap my mind around the particulars of Zozer Games Abyss for the Hostile rpg. The Blackguard has been deeply involved in sabatoge on Abyss in several areas around claims to spark a gang war between two minor clans. 

Own our little band of Hostile marry makers has been employed by the head of a crime syndicate to sew discord among these two clans to come in claim jump. 
That being said we're working both sides of the aisles. After our party almost got taken out by a drone bomb in one of Abyss's major city hubs. 
The drone killed a hundred people but because of a missed roll it was the wrong skyscraper. Next time the party will be toast & not even a missed roll will save em. 
To really bring home the Cyberpunk like atmosphere of the cities of Abyss I used Fishwife games 

Cyber City Block 001 for the encounter. For the gang itself we dipped into Michael Brown's New World: 2D6 Adventure in a Cyberpunk America for the outside talent. Think of the gunslingers who are brought in to takeout the marshal in the Eighties film Outland. Shotguns & auto fire in their neighborhood brought out the corporate cops. It was too late! 

 The PC's survived the encounter but one of them Zoey Crugger their jacker ended up in the hospital & had to receive cybernetic add ons. So she's going to be out for the next two sessions! 
And the rest of the party swore revenge! Excellent! 
They calculated that the 'Outside Talent' Gang were using a sub anchored off shore as a base. The Blackguard called in two favors with their own corporate masters & had them bring in a sub of their own! We ended here & we're picking it up next week. 

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