Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Claw Full of Wretchedness - Mail Call, The Wretched Epoque Rpg , & A Review Of Tears of Belphegor Adventure

 So for many months now we've been running the Red Room's Wretchedverse over the last couple of months as mini campaigns.  Wretched Époque has really been one of the Red Room's best rpg's that the players have responded too. With that being said the players have also responded Wretched Darkness. So it was high time to grab a copy of Wretched Époque.

So during one of the hundreds of sales that drivethrurpg does I grabbed a copy. And it came very fast. And over the past three or four nights Wretched Époque has been in my hands. And it's about letting the alternative history of Wretched Époque flow. So this is kind of fitting given that it's Edgar Allan Poe's birthday today. Can I honestly say that I'm a huge EAP fan going back to my childhood.  Mostly because of the classic Roger Corman Poe films of Vincent Price. 

I wanted to grab this before the OGl hammer came down by Cowards of the Coasts. Wretched Époque has everything a DM & his players need under one cover. With the added on history of Wretched Époque & it's uniqueness of the historical Paris setting. Paris unto itself in the Wretchedverse is a character as well as a setting. The Red Room does a fantastic job with Wretched Époque by bringing the underworld of Paris to life. 

But we're not done yet! The latest version of Wretched Darkness Rpg came my way. And this is a big book of a horror rpg system! And like every other Wretchedverse rpg is the fact that Wretched Darkness is very much interwoven in universe with lore & fluff that relates to the Wretchedverse! So my local print shop hit me with an offer that I couldn't refuse. 

 So the Wretched Darkness Rpg is a fun & terrible modern horror rpg. I say this in the best way because the  Wretched Darkness Rpg channels Giallo & Eighties or Nineties horror films in the best way. It does this by taking all of the Wretched rpg systems & then channeling them into a very nasty system! 
Here's the thing I'd absolutely do three or four PC's before attempting to interplay in a mini campaign. 
While the Wretched Darkness Rpg is OSR all of the way. It's a far deadlier affair then say even Ravenloft or other 2nd edition world's most favorite fantasy Rpg's. 

And here's where things get interesting. Not only is Wretched Darkness Rpg the Red Room's big Rpg but it's the big rpg with the most connections back to Wretched Époque. I don't wanna spoilt it but there's ways of bringing PC's from Wretched Époque into a Wretched Darkness campaign. And this get's into the trickier aspects of both the supernatural realms & the backdrop of Wretched Époque's Paris! 

And this brings us Tears of Belphegor which is a short scenario & adventure for Wretched Époque's Paris during the closing days of the Commune. You play the scum of the Parisian underworld & it definitely crosses into the world of both horror & the supernatural. It's well written & brings home the Paris of Wretched Époque in spades. And it could potentially be connected into the world of Wretched Darkness quite easily. 

The fact is that the Parisan underworld during the time of the Commune is rife with potential for the DM to exploit. That being said there's lots of potential for the PC's to screw up royally in Tears of Belphegor. Is Tears of Belphegor good without a doubt. And it's an adventure that's going into Saturday's Wretched Darkness rpg session! 

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