Sunday, January 22, 2023

Review & Commentary On Angry Golem Game's STARS WITHOUT NUMBER - TRADE GOODS GENERATOR 300 For The Stars Without Number Revised Rpg

 "The Stars Without Number compatible Trade Goods Generator contains two 3-pages files.

1st file: This is a canonic trade goods generator useful to generate loot and goods very quickly.

2nd file: The second file is a replica of the first, but it is tuned to work with Suns of Gold Merchant Campaign."

"Trade Goods organized in four categories:

1) Materials & Technological Stuff (100 TRADE GOODS)

2) Warfare (100 TRADE GOODS)

3) Organic, Chemicals & Stuff (100 TRADE GOODS)

4) Extra section from the last update with a wide array of minerals and othe elements."

Once upon a time I had a highly successful Stars Without Numbers Revised /Cepheus Engine rpg campaign. And then a death in our rpg family caused it to implode. Well with recent events my notebooks have been in my hand again. And one of those notebooks indicated Angry Golem Games STARS WITHOUT NUMBER - TRADE GOODS GENERATOR 300. Now with the OGL fiasco interest has been renewed. More on why later on. Let's journey back to the haycon days of our Suns of Gold: Merchant Campaigns for Stars Without Number. There was no worry that Cowards of the Coast was going to take away the livelihood of friends & we were playing for the enjoyment of the game campaign. We've recently had this enjoyment again with the Clement Sector rpg  mini  campaign. 

Our Suns of Gold campaign was set in the Washington sector which is next to the Clement sector separated by the Divide a literal huge expanse of nothing between these sectors. They can receive transmissions but that's it. Or so we thought. The Suns of Gold campaign was full of Scavenger Fleets acting as space borne locusts that gobbled up any trade ships they came across. 
And here's where the 
Angry Golem Games STARS WITHOUT NUMBER - TRADE GOODS GENERATOR 300 comes in really handy. There are two files full of trade goods perfect to stock trade ships that have vanished into the void. We used a few ancient United Planet Cruisers as investigative craft to investigate these disappearances. 
PC's were really after the goodies that were in the holds of the patched together trade ships. And the thirteen page trade goods generator does a great job for a Suns of Gold campaign. Into every life a bit of rain must fall and fall it will when several pirate groups by John Watts come to call in the Washington Sector. 

How did the pirate factions get to the Washington Sector & why are they there?! What secrets does a possible alliance with the Scavenger fleets hold?! The Angry Golem Games STARS WITHOUT NUMBER - TRADE GOODS GENERATOR is a key part of this. Because it allows me to generate cargos & carryon trade goods on the fly. So that unto itself makes the trade goods generator worth getting for me to get the players interested & hold their interest! 

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