Sunday, January 29, 2023

Review & Commentary On The HOSTILE Situation Report 006 - Hunted For The Hostile Rpg


"Pray you don't meet this intelligent  alien foe, born to hunt, equipped with high-tech weapons and able to move about unseen. You are being herded, picked off one-by one - purely for the sport of an Unseen Hunter... "
Hostile Rpg one of those games that depends upon it's monster as much as it's atmosphere. And we've got an Eighties classic done in the style of the Hostile rpg. This encounter even follows the first film; "
The Unseen Hunter is an intelligent, humanoid alien that has a culture of hunting alien species for sport. Humans have sometimes become prey for these beasts. They have access to high technology and will arrive on planet in a small starship, capable of being cloaked invisibly when landed. Often, these aliens hunt alone, as a mark of bravery, and carry out reconnaissance to locate a worthy opponent, either alone or in a group. " 
So where would you use 'The Hunted' encounter?! Well, first of all 'Hunted' is an experienced Hostile, Cepheus, or even as a old school Science Fiction  2d6 encounter.  Zozer Games provides everything the DM needs to run 'Hunted' but where in the Hostile universe?! The perfect place to run 'Hunted' is actually is the alien jungle world of Tau Ceti!  
A war torn colony, alien jungles, interstellar conflict, blood & violence all call to the alien hunter of the 'Hunted'. 

Hunted is perfect to drop on a group of experienced Hostile players PC's & watch them scatter like so much skinned targets! The alien hunter of 'The Hunted' encounter could be the perfect foe to hunt your favorite group of experienced marines in your Hostile campaign. 
The HOSTILE Situation Report 006 - Hunted For The Hostile Rpg Is Available Right Here 

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