Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Arachno- Claw Adapted From King Kong (2005) For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

 There are monsters that haunt the dreams of explorers & adventurers across the world. The Arachno- Claw  is another  oversized arthropod that lives in the shadows of Kaiju everywhere in the wastelands & jungles of the 'Old World'. These horrifying carnavores & scavengers are the ultimate opportunists. They are adapted to feeding in darkness or twilight conditions. The  Arachno- Claw  is adapted to feed on anything that comes it way tearing it's prey into bit sized chunks that it can easily digest.Arachno- Claws attack with two devestating pincers & a vicious bite. 

Arachno- Claw  life cycle is truly the stuff of nightmares with the female laying her eggs in carrion & raw meat. The Arachno- Claw  clutch then eat their way out of the host within 1d6 days. These oversized anthropods then find the rest of their clutch brothers & sisters in the semi darkness of caves & caverns nearby. A chemical scent trail is used by these horrors to mark terrority & hunting grounds. Arachno- Claws can be found in a wide variety of enviroments & places because of the fact that some subspecies live on and within the skin flaps of various Kaiju species. Arachno- Claws hunting tactics are the ambush. They look like a giant trapdoor spider, with six legs and powerful claws.Arachno- Claws have six legs that are used to walk, with two crab-like claws under their mouths, which are used to rip prey. Because the Arachno- Claws are a parasitic species in many ways to giant Kaiju they can be found almost anywhere. 

The Arachno- Claw is drawn to dark places & tight spaces usually with other giant vermin. Vermin who are drawn to the strange radiations of the various Kaiju species.  Arachno- Claws are able to call upon 2d6 other claws within 2 rounds with the loud clicking of their claws a sound which no adventurer soon forgets. 

Arachno- Claw

# appearing 3d6

5/10, Move 12m, Armor 5, claw (melee 1d damage), Bite (melee 1D damage), , Survival 2,  Combat 2, Melee 1 .Dark Vision, Sensitive Anntena, Disavantage Light  Blind, Fast Tunneling, 

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