Monday, January 30, 2023

The Vultursaur Swarm Adapted From King Kong (2005) For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

 The VultursaurVultursaurus, is a weird, nocturnal, flying non-avian paravian with bat-like wings from the chasms and jungles of Skull Island. It has a 20-25 inch wingspan. What makes the Vultursaur so dangerous is the fact that it carries the Kaiju spread Skull Island Fever. 

Vultursaurus is a dusk & nocturnal predator of insects, small rodents, and even a bit of carrion. Swarms of Vultursaurus often nest within the folds of skin of giant Kaiju. Where they feed upon the alien insects & other parasitic lifeforms of giant creatures. 
And this is where the Vultursaurus pick up & carry Skull Island Fever named after the Endeavor expediation of 1935. Skull Island fever acts as respitory & bodily fluid borne disease which infects those around the victims. Victims quickly begin internal hemmoraging & organ shut down within 2d6 hours. Skull Island fever has been seeen as far away as the wastelands of Californoriia & China. The strange radiations of Kaiju stoke the fires of the unusual bacteria of the fever that the Vultursaurus swarms carry. These tiny predator often flock into urban areas to feed on ironically on tiny vermin such as mice & rats. All of the while these flocks spread the contagion. 
Many wasteland settlements welcome the 
 Vultursaurus swarms to special outer settlement rookeries where they are used as primitive bioweapons against invaders. The little unusual predators have incredibly sharp claws capable of shredding flesh like tissue paper. 

The Vultursaurus is the sole surviving descendant of a second dynasty of flying theropods that developed bat-like wing membranes instead of feathers.The Vultursaurus can be found almost anywhere that Kaiju have passed within the wastelands because of the creatures shedding these formitable little predators in their wake & passing. 

The Vultursaur Swarm

# appearing 4d6 Swarm

5/10, Move 12m, Armor 2, claw (melee 2d damage), Bite (melee 1D damage), , Survival 2, Melee 1 .Dark Vision, Dark Vision, Disavantage Light  Blind, Disease (See Cepheus Atom for Disease Rules)

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