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The Crimson Wave - The Crimson Pandect A Handbook of Eldritch Lore - Thoughts On , X1 The Isle of Dread, Points of Blood and Unleashed Sorcery


"Unlock the Secrets of Dark Sorcery...

"Open the Crimson Pandect to reveal the hidden arts of the arcane world and the grim obsessions that snare the minds of their adepts. This book is for both players and Labyrinth Lords alike, providing tools for weaving grim tales of blood and unleashed sorcery!"

"Use new classes, new spells, and new guidelines for magical research. plunder ancient troves of occult lore to fuel your arcane ascension. Use the new guide for sanctum construction and the tools for cult and cabal creation to fashion sorcerous towers and malevolent foes. While built for the Red Tide Campaign Setting and Sandbox Toolkit , the contents are all designed to be easily and swiftly transferred into your own old-school campaign world."

Wayback in 2012 Kevin Crawford wrote the Red Tide Campaign Setting and Sandbox Toolkit. And  we pick back up from the blog post found here. And this brings up magick within our version of the world of Red Tide. This world was awash in the energies magick. Energies that impacted & were twisted by the forces of the red tide itself. And this is reflected within The Crimson Pandect A Handbook of Eldritch Lore. 
Red Tide is campaign setting that is reflective of a near East Asian style campaign with bits of European & other Asian cultural influences. And this includes the magicks of  
The Crimson Pandect . The Astromancy is solidly done & it relates to the arts of divination, fate, fortune, and the stars. These & the magicks of 'The High Path' which reflect the legacy of the Ninefold Celestial Empire a group of arcane engineers whose occult power have brought prosperity to their speciality class & thier empire. Red Tide is completely affected by the presence of the bleed through of the tide. Within our campaign the red tide is an effect of the breaking down of a Celestial engine. And this brings up the Kuan Amelatu the avengers of the unquiet dead. Death is the gateway to perfect enlightment and this class impacts the undead in very weird sorcerous ways. The Kuan Amelatu the perfect counter point to necromancers. 
The Makerite Theurgy Speakers of the Holy Law are the divine instruments of the Maker whose spells are potent & effective, capable of sensing impurities, and capable of blasting the unworthy with the holy force of the words of the Iron Prophet. And these stand in start contrast to the Adepts of the Mountain Way who are devotees of the natural world. 
All of the above are going to be great counterpoints the classic X1 Isle of Dread module. 

And we included X1 Isle of Dread being another sub realm near the Red Tide islands but tied into the plane of Elemental Water. The elemental plane of water being one of the power sources for the Red Tide's Celestial Engine. And one of the classes that understood the mechanisms of 
the Red Tide's Celestial Engine is 'The Nine Immortal Art' are alchemists who specialize in rites of purifying, transformation, etc. And these PC's & NPC's are perfect for dealing with the alien radiations of the battles from two extremely alien gods or aliens ala LoFP's Qelong adventure by Kennith Hite. 
The alien horrors are not even aware of the humans around them. And 
 LoFP's Qelong adventure by Kennith Hite brings home the importance of the schools of sorcery found within  The Crimson Pandect A Handbook of Eldritch Lore.  Because of the fact that the infrastructure of the magicks of  the Red Tide Ca/mpaign is going to be needed to deal with the disaster of Qelong 

But there's more to the 
The Crimson Pandect  then just this & we're just scratching the surface of this campaign. Next time The Crimson Pandect , Dark Albion, & Caravan & Sword! 

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