Monday, January 2, 2023

OSR Thoughts on The Gamma World Rpg, Thundarr The Barbarian Cartoon & The Hyperborea Rpg?! Lords of Old Earth Campaign Idea

 So back on December 14th there was a post on this blog about Thundarr The Barbarian available right here. And there's something bothering me about dropping the subject so let's get back to it. 

Thundarr The Barbarian for my young brain pretty much was the underpinning for everything that was to come with Sword & Sorcery. But let's get into a 2011 OSR frame of mine for a moment. . The World of Thundarr Barbarian sourcebook is still available on the right hand side of the Savage Afterworld blog here. 
The World of Thundarr Barbarian sourcebook has been an essential part of many a Gamma World 1st & 2nd edition campaign.
And yes, obviously we've used Mutant Future as both a supplement & system to run 'The World of Thundarr The Barbarian with the sourcebook as campaign from N'york to the ruins of Disn'y. We've covered & crisscrossed the Wasted Lands of Merica. 
 Let's talk about the 400 pound mutant gorilla in the room here that no one wants to mention. And that's the  the Hyperborea Rpg All of the treasures, classes, etc within the Hyperborea are direct or indirect call backs & homages to the 'Thundarr The Barbarian' cartoon. 

Now recently (as in this morning) my clutch of gamers were talking about the gem of Thundarr The Barbarian as a possible future campaign location. Yeah,yeah, I know add it to the pile of ideas that gets thrown around this blog. This idea has merit however on several fronts. Front one is the fact that in the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition Dungeon Master's Guide there are conversion guidelines. Then again Gamma World fourth edition is far closer to the damage guidelines of the Hyperborea rpg. 
How could such a campaign be done?! Quite easily actually. The 'Old Earth' setting is already baked into the background of Hyperborea. Switch around some of the details & that comet hurtling between the Earth & the Moon might be a piece of moon when Hyperborea was taken into space

So could Gamma Terra actually be Old Earth!? Anything is possible but given our gaming schedule as of late. There's lots of ideas that would have to be ironed out first! 

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