Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Rubble & Roll on Cyclops - A Hostile rpg Mini Game - Session Report Two


So I skipped the blog entry last night after a whole cloth day of driving a hundred miles, coming home to a clogged toilet, and more paniced players. So after peeling players off the ceiling & dealing with the tiolet. We began thrashing out what's going on Cyclops from last session here.  So we were saved by miners who were members of the church of  the Heavenly Stigmata.

So we  were saved from certain death by miners riding the alien dinosaurs that are native to Cyclops. The miners are cultists of chrch of   the Heavenly Stigmata. We were given Krias & told in no uncertain terms to leave planet. Fortunately we were able to recharge our tanks & atmosphere before 
being booted out the High Town that we were at. 
But are we really?!  We began looking at  the facts. And we think this might be rival ranchers to our small time patron. We've decided that the Blackguard aren't going anyplace for the moment. Our party high tailed it too the space port. 

And we had our jacker & scout do a bit of recon within the space port. We faked a bill of passage. And stayed behind on Cyclops. Next making contact with blackmarket papers forger working planetside & assumed new identities. Then contacted our patron on Cyclops and rode out of the space port. We noted who & what was observing us as we rode into the Hitherlands again. Cyclops is available right here. 

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