Monday, January 2, 2023

Knock, Knock, Deathlok Is Hunting You - - The New Marvel Phile 'The Shadowline Saga' & The Tallman - Session Report 6

 Let's pick it up as the heroes have made it back to New Ashford from back here last game.  New Ashford was quiet & snowbound but something is tracking the player's PC's! The horror is invisible & the players think that it's because of thier time travel & other dimensional hijinks. Man O Metal has returned to the party's fold & is kinda spooked out. Upon return the players found a Tallman avitar shot through the head and several dead dwarves.  But what is it?! The players are thinking supernatural. However our resident super scientist started to take a look at the corpses of two of the dwarves. They had been blasted with some sort of energy weapon that exploded the tissues from the inside out! 

What does this mean?! It means that someone or something has sent a time traveling hitman against the party. Our scientist went to the party with his findings. The party saw something making footprints across the snows of New Ashford. 
And watched as the face of what looked like an undead cyborg lit up for a moment. The players thought it was an E.D.D.I.E. unit ala Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere in Time' album. 
Now that cybernetic organism is after the party & they decided to take it away from the rest of New Ashford. And the party dived for the pylon gates! And now the party has entered into a 'cat & mouse game with the Deathlok unit.
The party has no idea who or what is hunting them. And they don't really follow this blog. In actuality it's a Deathlok unit from the Time Variance Authority from Limbo. 
The party has broken several unspecificied time laws.And it looks like more may be broken before thier done. 

The New Mavel Phile #38 Deathlok in the under the Marvel Phile category in Marvel Phile # 38 on the G Drive of the Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project. Once through the pylon gate the PC's found themselves on the New England coast where they were in a storm lashed sea side town! And then the zombies started to come out! Zombies from Jack O' Lantern's MSH blog with a write up on a horde of undead submariners! 

And that's where we ended. The PC's are being hunted through time by a Deathlok unit & thier up to their eyeballs in undead sailors! 

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