Monday, January 23, 2023

Review & Commentary On Blaster Bolts - RPG Omnibus From Fainting Goat Games For The White Star Rpg

 The White Star Rpg always seems to be starring at me over the weekend from the shelf again. I got up mega early to meet with my players at the local diner this morning & play. And the session went well.  Discussing the Washington Sector. I was reminded of the fact that we put our old White Star rpg one shots one hundred & twenty five years in the future of the setting. Civil war has been tearing the sector apart! 

And this brings up Fainting Goat Games Blaster Bolts - Rpg Omibus. Over the last couple of years everytime I'm on Drivethrurpg Blasterbolts magazine covers is starring at me. So this morning at the egging on of our players I grabbed Fainting Goat Games Blaster Bolts - Rpg Omibus. 
And there are two reasons for grabbing this collection 1.  content that appeared in issues 1-13 of the Blaster Bolts zine featuring new material for White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying. 2. several new classes and other rules content by system author James M. Spahn. 

So while breakfast consisted of eggs & toast we were in the middle of the Second Sector Civil War. And with a boat load of adventures such as Stomp the Rock and the previews of Discordia. There's plenty of adventure fodder for the OSR DM. 
We get plenty of new PC classes as well such as advanced robot, bodyguard,cyberpilot, 
Novoestrela, Priviledged Doctor, & Twerg. All of these classes are actually useful for either a White Star Rpg campaign or even Stars Without Number. What the Hell is a Twerg?! Well a Twerg PC; " Tough as meteor rock and strong as a gravity well, the short and muscular, Twergs can be found traveling across the galaxy as errant transport pilots or as one of the crews of their massive flying city-ships known as citadels."
So inbetween runny eggs & two slices of toast 
Fainting Goat Games Blaster Bolts - Rpg Omibus actually presents a workable Battle Star errmmm Synborg Apocalypse mini-setting & the ancient connection to the star gods worked in as well! 

Is Fainting Goat Games Blaster Bolts - Rpg Omibus worth getting?! In a word Hell yes! There's a lot of material under the covers here & plenty to take into an OSR space campaign. It could be especially useful for an on going White Star campaign or any OSR Science Fiction rpg really.

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