Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Review & Commentary On The Free Warriors of the Lost Planet pdf By Brett Slocum For Your Old School Campaigns

Basically I was looking around for new Warriors of the Red Planet resources. I stumbled into Brett Slocum's Warriors of the Red Planet Tekumel  campaign resource book  Warriors of the Lost Planet. What is Warriors of the Lost Planet? Well its an  OSR Sword and Planet rules Warriors of the Red Planet to play on Tekumel during The Later Times, the period within a few thousand years of The Time of Darkness.. 

Warriors of the Lost Planet clocks in at thirty two pages of Tekumel planet sword & sorcery style adventure. Those players of the Empire of the Petal Throne rpg will see all of the familiar races & aliens in attendence. The engine here is definitively Warriors of the Red Planet. So we've got a solid engine here that brings in the "Sword and Planet" genre which is  wonderfully brought to life though simple but effective rules for character races, classes and equipment! All of this is done with a Tekumel flurish!  But is this done effectively?

Well yes but your gonna need Warriors of the Red Planet becaus these are Brett Slocum's Warriors of the Red Planet  Rpg  Tekumel  campaign resource book from the ground up. He's got all of the familiar races, notes on playing them, the technologies of the  Tekumel  & their Warriors equvilant. The whole cloth series of events surrounding the 'The Later Times'. And more which is not too bad considering that this whole book is free. Can you run a campaign in the latter times using this book? In a really short answer, yes. The material here is well done & we'll get into the ins & outs of using Warriors of the Lost Planet.
Warriors of the Lost Planet is a resource & campaign book, this book takes you by the hand adding the races, events, etc. all within the confines of thirty two pages. It does it very well highlighting the material without talking down to its audience. This book takes the complexities of Tekumel  campaign & makes it accessible to the average gamer & dungeon master.
Could a Tekumel  campaign be run using Warriors of the Lost Planet & say original Dungeons & Dragons?

Yes but the dungeon master might need acess to The Tekumel Sourcebook which not only provides the dungeon master the back bone of the setting but lots more history, resources, & Tekumel goodness to run a complete campaign.

Warriors of the Lost Planet does a nice job at the The Later Times, the period within a few thousand years of The Time of Darkness while leaving the dungeon master plenty of room to customize & play with their own Tekumel  setting. Five outt a five in my book for a free book. 

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