Friday, September 20, 2019

Shoring up Tegel Manor With The Wilderlands of High Fantasy Session Report

"Home to the City State of the Invincible Overlord and other classic Judges Guild products, the Wilderlands of Fantasy is the ultimate epic high fantasy setting. The Wilderlands of High Fantasy was the first campaign setting ever fleshed out in print for fantasy roleplaying and now Necromancer Games brings this classic Judges Guild setting to you!"

The party tonight was able to make it through through tonight's game of Judge's Guild's Tegel Manor game session. They were able to secure several minor treasures & relics from the NPC's. What I did was draw in several other Judge's Guild products from the original  Wilderlands of High Fantasy & Necromancer Games of  Wilderlands of High Fantasy 3.5  products.

I've been using this material with Castles & Crusades mixed with the 3.5 & the players seemed to be on board with this. Tegel Manor's material  matches up with both of these resources & now its getting to appear more as a whole cloth campaign from the ground up. I've been coming several OSR systems added into the mix. With the OSR  Humble Bundle which I picked from the website.
What I can say is that the bundle is well worth it. 

Now during tonight's game session one of our Psions were able to grab bunch of pesudo illiad minor artifacts our other adventurers had by passed. The rest of the adventurers were defending the monstary from an alien incursion that has been in coming. The alien influences & monsters have a definite chaos bent to them. I used Dark Albion Chaos Cult to give the usual D&D  monsters a very different chaotic feel. 

During tonight's game the player's learned about the The Mighty Servant of Leuk-o From The Book of Artifacts. The cults have found that the mechanism has been moved into the dungeons below the manor. Things are going to get very interesting in the week after next's game session. 

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