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1d10 Random Undead Royalty Wasteland Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

They come from across worlds, skittering through cracks in the universe to be a plague upon mankind. They have many names many of which have been forgotten over the eons. These princes of the undead have their very existence cursed & they are nothing more then mockeries of life itself. Across the eons they come sometimes to feed upon life, they devour not only flesh but the very souls of their victims. Often they have retinues of 1d20 minor undead who follow in their wake feeding upon anyone they can. They are often mindless or degenerate undead things of the lowest rank but occasionally they can be 2nd level free willed NPC undead warriors of dangerous aspect. These are in addition to the attendants listed in the entries.

Often these princes & princesses of undead are trying to locate the holdings of their former lives. They might be trying to locate a loved one or lost relative having escaped or crawled from the lowest levels of Hell to escape their fate. There is a 20% chance of these mad damned bastards having some token of Hell or the otherside that a witch or wizard might exploit for some personal gain.

Often these types of encounters end in tears as the wielder of eldritch power is far out classed & the cagey undead royal turns the tables on the fool. These wizards often become fodder demons of the wastelands of Atlantis.

Many of these powerful undead horrors operate during the twilight & darkness months of Accursed Atlantis when they can move across the wastelands with impunity.

1d10 Random Undead Royalty Encounter Table
  1.  Timvor of the House Lithorvor - A ghoul prince & his royal retinue of 1d10 skeleton warriors and attendants is scavenging  the wastelands for relics & artifacts for his Lovecraftian demonic master. He is mounted on a skeletal war horse from Old Earth. 
  2. Devrous The Hungry One - A shadow princess of unusual aspect who moves across the wastelands with her 1d8 ghostly servants upon spectral chariots looking for any souls or treasure to sell at the Great Markets of Death. She is a dangerous wizard of 6th level in her own right. 
  3. Aclus Of The Broken House - A damned soul from the deep Hells whose back to take down the living, he sees himself as a scientist and gentleman torturer of the worst aspect who moves through the wastelands on a hell horse named Asbegor. Aclus takes souls with an enchanted knife that cuts the soul from its still struggling victim. He is dangerous & cruel. 
  4. Hreu of The Blood Hand - A Pict vampire who was a slave in life but has become the leader of a tribe of 1d8 minor reverent undead horrors. He seeks the living for their blood, souls, and valuables. He rides an undead skeleton horse called Nightbleed. He is clever, dangerous, & very greedy. 
  5.  Princess Marhi'ru - A former Atlantis minor royal who was transformed into a wasteland hag by a curse but has come to accept her state of undeath, she is a horror that loves to take the souls of children & the elderly. She uses a combination of magic & tactics to stalk her prey for days taking souls at their most vulnerable. The souls are sold to demons in the Grand Bazaar of the Damned near the ruins of the Lumerian capital. She uses a demonic war mount as her servant.
  6. Thrusi'su The Night One - A wight lord of dark aspect who is served by ten 'faceless ones' who seek pray on the living selling them to a tribe of doppelgangers who use them in vile experiments deep in the wastelands for their demonic lord. The Night One is actually a former mad genius who uses his state to move between planes at will whist serving his dark masters. 
  7. Brus'po The Parts Taker - A former royal of a long forgotten house this ghoul lord takes the best parts and pieces to the Market of Necromancers deep in the wastelands for resale to the 'soul traders'. These necromancer scientists create golems of very dangerous and degenerate aspects. There are 1d10 ghoul warriors of  2nd level working for him that ride alien spectral mounts. 
  8.  Grusi  Princess Of The Forgotten House - A Hyperborean princess who was turned into a ghost by an accident with a teleport device. She has become the head of a house of assassins and holy warriors who use their undead state to take down caravans and other minor merchant houses. She has 1d10 ghostly warriors working for her. 
  9.  Thru's Lu The Desert Walker - A former Atlantis royal turned slave & now undead servant of a demonic horror. This slaver & raider works with thirty intelligent skeleton warriors to take the living for the Market of Necromancers. No flesh or living is spared. He works with 1d20 raiders riding spectral mounts. He is a free willed undead warrior of 5th level with some minor zombie like abilities. 
  10. Thtious The Dark One - An Atlantian royal who uses dark magics to plague caravans & other wasteland travelers for souls, relics, and souls for his council of dark master lichs. He is a 8th level wight wizard whose soul has long vanished from the mortal plane but whose mind seeks the souls of the living. He rides a nightmare of very dangerous aspect called Ashwind.

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