Sunday, September 22, 2019

OSR Commentary - Purple Gods & Mega- dungeons of Venger Satanis

So Tim Brannan on the Otherside blog  has slammed down Venger Satanis's purple gauntlet mega dungeon Cha'alt  today on a Sunday. So in the nature of good time fun I've been a wee bit busy but I'll take up the challenge. I've got a group of players that have been interested in Godbound. So let's find out what happens when the gods themselves brave the depths of Cha'alt?

Now I know that Venger & Kevin Crawford have had issues in the past but that's really not my problem. My problem is if the PC's will survive the hundred of floors of mayhem within Cha'alt itself. And what about the factions of Cha'alt? For my purposes I've already got the far future desert environs in mind for this game. An alternative Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique is the setting for the mega dungeon. The wastelands, deserts, & environs are the perfect setting as its millions of years after the last battles of the Gods.

 Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea's Hyperboreans are already on the cases of the PC's. Their empire is in ashes on the D20 version of Zothique . The hunter killer androids, robots, & other technological horrors left overs from the war of the gods. The PC's are veterans from that conflict now dealing with horrors of the next generation of upstarts,cults, & horrors from the void.

On the whole Cha'alt's Black Pyramid influence on this world has begun to be felt & what about the poor human population? There is a need & time for heroes this is it but will it make a real difference? The world of Zothique is far closer to the jungles in David Cook's X5 Temple of Death which I've used lots of times with Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea.

The Master and his Temple of Death might well be connected to several of the factions within Cha'alt. There's more then enough room to make the jungle & desert environments perfectly aligned with the 'sword & ray gun gonzoness' of Venger's creation. The real issue is if the cults of  Cha'alt are spreading their evils throughout time & space coming up!

  1. Cha'alt is a build out & hot rodded to handle any of the antics that PC's can throw at it. 
  2. The technologies of Cha'alt are right in line with some of the stuff that are found in Godbound. 
  3. Cha'alt has lots of ins & outs for getting the PC's into trouble & even murdering them on the fly 
  4. Many of the cities & adventure locations in Cha'alt are ripe for filling out & filling in 
  5. The mythology of adventure fits the weirdness of Zothique. 
  6. I've got lots of plans for putting this whole cloth adventure into action. 
  7. Time, space, & even genre isn't even a problem for either of Godbound or Cha'alt. 
  8. The whole campaign is gonna be very Metal so can't wait. 
  9. So I want to use some of the optional D&D as well as AD&D material from Dragon magazine that I've acquired over the years. 
  10. More blog posts as this develops. 

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