Friday, September 6, 2019

Templar Knight Mayhem - Tegel Manor Session Report Five Inside The Monastery

Tonight's Tegel Manor session was interesting to say the least as the PC's found themselves in the middle of an inter dimensional raid. They ran into a patrol of Aldebaran raiders & found themselves back to back with the bastards. Some dirty tricks & a bit of psionics allowed them to get past the patrol & get the better of them. That's when things got interesting they managed to save the monastery of some Templar monks/knights.  These knights are psionic & had cleaned out their former monastery as a part of a major adventure arch that involved Frog God Games Black Monastery once upon a time a few years ago.

The monks took in the PC's after the defeat of the raiders & told the PC's about their guarding one of the Eternity Crystals. They also found the crypt of  Sir Briane aka the Silver Knight whose descendant was the champion of the monastery until he was murdered in battle defending his brothers. The psion crystal matrix was destroyed during the raid and the knights are awaiting appearance of a new champion (more on him coming up). 

The PC's found thousands of protective spells in the Alko language  carved into the foundations of the monastery. These descended deep into the crypts & around the parameter of the foundations of chapel of the monastery which originally was a converted Roman temple. 

Can the Templars hold out as the sky fills with the flying saucers of the  Aldebarans raiders with the PC's as they await the arrival of the Templar Knight's new champion? Can they resist the temptation to ignore the raiders that are ravaging the countryside? 
The  Aldebarans raiders came straight outta of  Light City Foes: Stardust From  Halls of the Nephilim.

And what secrets does Tegel Manor hold in the wake of the legacy of  the Eternity Crystals? Tonight one of the PC's saw the burning psionic eyes of some renegade psion who works with  the  Aldebarans raiders! Even as this is going on the ghosts of the Templar knights don't rest easy in their crypts! Something evil beyond all experience stirs out in the battle fields & hungers for the souls of the adventurers. Something from TSR  the Fiend Folio is coming for the party next week!

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