Friday, September 6, 2019

The Aldebaran's Raid - Tegel Manor Session Report Four & More OSR Mayhem!

Switching it up with the Victorious Rpg by Mike Stewart & Amazing Adventures! by Jason Vey , when last left our heroes my version had plane jumped into its new destination. An alien jungle world and things were getting very interesting at the old colony cities on this new plane. Last week the player's PC's heard blaster fire coming from the nearby cities and fires raging. That's when they came upon the  Aldebarans raiders armed to their teeth with their own floating battle ship high in the clouds.

The  Aldebarans  are from
Fantastic Worlds #6 (Standard Comics, Novemeber, 1952).
These aliens are in the  public domain

The  Aldebarans  are the worst aspects of goblinoids teamed with a highly motivated religious imperative combined with bits of a mercenary army AC 9 [10]   HD 1+1 Attacks Raygun (1d6+1, medium range) Move 12.  These raiders are tearing across the countryside for parties unknown looking for an artifact one of six
 Eternity Crystals. The colonists have no idea where these things are. The  Aldebarans are some of the worst scum of the universe & very much a menace from the coldest depths of Hell. They have no idea that Tegel Manor just dimensionally gated into the middle of their raid.

Many of the businesses,NPC's, etc. are coming straight outta Citybook I: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker From  Flying Buffalo so we've got a mix of anarchism Nineteen century & Middle Ages technologies, personalities,etc.  This is something that dungeon master do all of the time. And my players come to expect it outta me on a regular basis.

 The  Aldebarans  came straight outta of  Light City Foes: Stardust From 

Halls of the Nephilim.  And this is a nice 'pay what you want' product which is a sort of super hero take line  on Swords & Wizardry.   It features a really powerful & highly dangerous version of  Fletcher Hanks super hero (villain) Star Dust The Super Wizard. 

 The whole plot line from this product is straight outta of the Avengers Infinity War I & II with the plot going something like this;" Nothing will be the same!
Although his intentions were originally just, the intergalactic super wizard known as Stardust has become a galactic conqueror. Worse yet, he's set his sights on the Eternity Crown and Crystals! The heroes of Light City must band together to stop this menace to save Earth... and the reality itself!" Its a plot line we've seen numerous time across a million or so comic books & Dungeons & Dragons modules. So I'm going to incorporate it into my own home game campaign. But will the PC's survive the onslaught?! Tune in next week for more incredible updates! 

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