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1d10 Random Weird & Ancient Tombs and Contents Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

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1d10 Random Weird & Ancient Tombs and Contents Table 
  1. This ancient and weathered necropolis stands definitely against the elements for hundreds and hundreds of years now. Upon certain nights of the year the great wrought brass door stands slightly a jar and from within a howling and growling of great beasts can be heard. The tombs occupants have long ago have been sucked into the nameless darkness between stars of damnation. The tomb's doorway opens into the void between the planes and on certain days of the year lean and thirsty demon hounds come for the souls of foolish adventurers. They come to drag back to the depth of those nameless hells anything they can catch. The bones of those they eat and strip of any metals are left behind. Their souls become playthings and sweet meats for these demon hounds. 
  2. This ornate tomb has been reared to a disgraced princess of forgotten MU. Her soul and body lay trapped within the tomb but she has recently been freed by some foolish adventurer and now prowls the night as a vampire. Her sister has become a lamia and now guards the tomb by day feasting on local children. They are contemplating taking over a village and have begun a cult. Every Spring offerings have started to appear. During the fall months both horrors sleep. There is a stone box near the tomb that holds what treasures they have gathered to help pay for a mercenary army in the Summer months. 
  3. This tomb is the home to the ghost of a wizard sealed within by his father lest his son's power allow the monster to escape. A bricked  door covered with inscriptions of binding holds the fiend in place. His ghost howls its anger and frustration but only at the new moon can the ghost haunt the land. It kills anyone it finds around the moors of the area during those times. An unrusting +2 sword has been driven through the entrance above the door. The sword's magic keeps the damned soul from both escape and final reward. The pain of the sword keeps the ghost from reason and intelligence as well. The ghost bides its time trying to watch the world and learn of the changes that time has wrought. Its knowledge is spotty and insane at best. 
  4. This weirdly wrought tomb is a mass of bio sculpted flesh of a demonic monster enchanted never to decay or move. It's undying Yithian occupant sits guarding the entrance to a massive underground mega dungeon Great Race outpost sits and waiting for new tenants who shall never come. The occupant is held in a near death and unliving state by Great Race super science. His abilities are still useable and he is very dangerous. There are thousands of volumes of forbidden knowledge of the race's experiments of time, space, and magic here. They are just waiting and the occupant is getting bored with eternity. 
  5. This tomb is the current headquarters of a cult of necromancers who have gathered hundred of necomatic items of forbidden magic. There is a fully functioning laboratory here as well. There are always 1d8 free willed zombies guarding the place armed with Atlantian radium weapons. The tomb was the burial place of a great king but the cult has moved his corpse and treasure to another location. Ever three months 130 cultists gather here. A lich heads this cult but he is seldom present. There is a 20% chance he will be in attendance when the cult gathers. 
  6. This tomb is the resting place of a Deep One of Royal blood killed, exiled, and entombed on dry land where she may do no harm to own kind. She is buried with a treasure but she still lives on in an undeath state. She is chained within her coffin with enchanted chains. 1d8 Deep One zombies guard her and bring her victims occasionally to feed on tearing bits and pieces for her meals. There is a 40% chance of a major technological artifact entombed here as well for safe keeping by a Deep One wizard of renown. 
  7. This is the tomb of a barbarian king curse by his own people to a living hell upon Earth. His ghost is chained between this life and undeath. The thing wanders the land looking for victims to slay with a great ax. Upon certain nights when the alignment of the stars is right. Death births come to feast on this decaying flesh. They may 20% tell his story and grant a prophecy. Or they may curse the fool who disturbs them in their hellish duties. 
  8. This weird tomb of brass and iron holds the decaying body of a demon within. His body burns upon Earth while his spirit has been sealed inside a stoppered bottle nearby the white hot coffin. All of this was done by a wizard thousands of years ago. Anyone disturbing the bottle will be burnt by cold hell fire for 1d6 points of damage. Upon a pedestal near the coffin is a book which contains all of the demon's prophecies. The book magically inscribes them as the damned soul writhes in agony. There is a 70% chance of a secret or bit of forbidden knowledge that a PC needs is writ within the book. The book will magically return to the tomb if taken. 
  9. This tomb is the resting place of a infamous bandit king who still uses the place as a hide out. His flesh is long decayed but he commands twenty 2nd level fighters who attend him as a saint of Rell. He is a free willed zombie and owns a brass Atlantian energy weapons that does 1d6 points of damage. He has a small personal treasure and is in love with a young nearby noble woman. She has no idea of the horror that has begun to stalk her. Eventually the monster will kill her as he has others throughout the centuries. They're corpses surround his coffin staring into eternity. 
  10. This is the resting place of a Star Spawn of Cthulhu. A tomb has been built over it and within rests a 6th level priest who corpse still serves the horror even in death. There are ancient Atlantian machines that keep the thing in a state of sleep as its energies continue to be used by the local cult to try and contact the thing's master. They gather every autumn for a celebration. The priest's soul haunts the lands surround the tomb. Children in the area have begun to be born with the mark.  Anyone disturbing the ancient machinery will be shocked and burned for 1d8 points of damage. Their soul will be eaten by the Spawn in agony

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