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Free OSR Module & OSR Campaign Commentary On DF19 The Church of the Poisoned Mind By Mik Calow

So over the last day or so I've been doing a lot of thinking once again about Halloween OSR  games. I blame Goblinoid Games for this one. Their coming out with another Pumpkin Spice edition & its officially Halloween season here. Now this book isn't out yet but its kicked up in my mind where DM Steve needs to be in our on again off again Castles & Crusades game. Maybe I need to make him & his players suffer. Sure the Haunted Highlands is fantastic but I don't have access to that set of books.. yet.

Now perhaps I think that I'm going to dust off a 3.5 book by 'gasp' White Wolf games!? Yes I'm dusting off my copy of D20 Ravenloft & its attendant books. And yes I can always add in   the Haunted Highlands as a domain setting later on.  And please don't even begin to start with me how isn't OSR or I'm gonna pull out my copy of Dungeon Crawl Classics's 

 Transylvanian Adventures From  Land Of Phantoms
But I'm going to need a solid lead in adventure. 

 Fortunately I know a little second edition OSR module with all of the requirements for torturing erm getting the players deeply involved. The Church of the Poisoned Mind  By Mik Calow is a free Ravenloft  Dragon's foot adventure    "A Ravenloft adventure for AD&D 2nd Edition.

The party has come across a ruined church situated between a forest and a swamp. A thorough search reveals nothing other than a storm cellar door, which shows signs of recently being uncovered (the rest of the ruins are overgrown with weeds and grasses.) There is, curiously, no graveyard."
 The Church of the Poisoned Mind  By Mik Calow  isn't a fantastic module but it's easily customizable for a dungeon master & that's exactly the sort of a feel that I'm going for here. 

When begin to delve into the background of this module we get a sense of the horror for the ghoul cults involved here. So this is a straight up dungeon crawl with a few things going for it. Its got a weird vibe that runs throughout & can easily be made into a full on Lovecraft fest with no work at all. So Lovecraft & Ravenloft are a win in my book.

Otherworld miniatures ghouls are perfect monsters for 

The Church of the Poisoned Mind  By Mik Calow
The more I'm reading through this module the more I can see using 
The Church of the Poisoned Mind  By Mik Calow with say Lamentations of the Flame Princess or say Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea.  Because 
The Church of the Poisoned Mind  By Mik Calow is second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons  & I'm using a third edition with a retroclone system there's gonna have to be some modification. Fortunately I've got more then a few tricks up my sleeve that I'll share with you guys coming up.

The Church of the Poisoned Mind  By Mik Calow is a solid middle of the road adventure but its gonna require a bit of work on a dungeon master's part who wants to get the maximum out of the module for their home games & such. But my conclusion is that its worth my time but D20 Ravenloft is gonna require some work on my part. 

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