Saturday, September 28, 2019

Goblins, Goblins, Goblins, In Last Night's Tengel Manor Session Report & Session Notes

Today's there's a lot to unpack here but work kinda kept me on the ropes today. I'm trying to play catch up after getting home at four A.M.. During last night's game a random encounter turned into major plot point in Tegel Manor. The party encountered some goblins & got into combat. They did well but it became a major adventure point. Where did the goblins come from?! Why were they there?! And is the DM planning on using more?! The answer is your PC's don't know, their their because  a FEY invasive species used to cause mayham!

So thinking fast I grabbed my copy of Dark Albion by Rpg Pundit & then used the information within the Goblin Warrens adventure encounter on page 232. I warmed the section to the players by telling them that Templar Knights had heard rumors that the Rumps had been importing in goblin eggs into their former strong hold which was being used as crypt until recently. The encounter has the following; "The ruin is full of rubble in which a couple of goblins might hide if they spot some people coming their way. However, since goblins are chaotic and generally nobody comes there, this only has a 20% chance of happening (night and day alike). "
Needless to say that the PC's are not charging in like mad men (unfortunately). But their being very cautious about the whole affair. While I'm going to be using the encounter I'm pulling forward twith more details on goblins coming from the  Lion & Dragon rpg 

Here we get a much fuller mythological picture of the goblins as a race of playthings of the Elven gods of the ancient planes. These goblins are the occult  biological shock troops of the gods of old. Monsters used to frighten children & they work so well in a Dungeons & Dragons style game. Sure they killed a few goblins but we're just getting started! 

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