Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cha'alt & Breaking The House Campaign Elevator Pitch

Breaking The House campaign basic premise - Interplanar gangsters bring Venger Satanis's Cha'alt mega dungeon comes to Los Vegas Earth! They've seen a rich opportunity for taking over the strip & bringing their madness to Earth for fun & profit! Months ahead the demigods,heroes, & gods of several alien universes have gotten wind of this! And their not taking it! So the gods of Earth have joined their alien breathen (for now) on dealing with this threat!

Vegas Sign artwork by 

Yeah I'm pitching a Godbound rpg campaign here & yeah the alien desert of Cha'alt fits in nicely with the decedence of sin city Los Vegas. So I'm thinking less of the 

Deserts of Desolation & Death & More of Tim Brannan. And more of the Clark Ashton Smith alien vibe that I've spoken so much about before on this blog. The dededence of Zothique mixed with the smatz of Vegas baby.

Yeah I just did something like this about a week ago on the OSR Commentary - Purple Gods & Mega- dungeons of Venger Satanis. But Vegas kinda brings it all together as Cha'alt warps into the sands of the sunset strip. Would anyone even notice?! The second I believe the lasers & whatnot started to fly then things would get very interesting.

I've got a lot of minor work to do on this campaign yet.
  1.  Whose gonna be the gansters in question & I'm thinking of going with hopped up versions of classic Dungeons & Dragons races. 
  2. What are they after in Vegas? 
  3. Who are the patheons of Earth gods trying to stop them & where can I work in the Dieties & Demigods angles? 
  4. I need to turn the Dungeons & Dragons vibe up to eleven & then  snap the knob off this one. 
  5. Where can I work in the The Master and his Temple of Death series of modules?! 
  6. There are lots of Fiend Folio monsters that I can throw in the mix here. Possibly several of the Babylonian angles as well. 
  7. I've got several options for possible cults in the mix as well. 
  8. The technologies of Cha'alt are gonna play a centeral part here. 
  9. More Islands of Purple Putresence & less Alpha Blue infact a lot less Alpha Blue... 
  10. Several hard core & metal Casio dungeons in this coming up. 

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