Thursday, September 19, 2019

Playing With The Ruler of The Devil World For Your Old School Campaigns

Scheduling is one of the biggest hazards in setting up a new game campaign. Today I've been meeting with DM Mike & his brother Steve to discuss doing a sort crossover game using Stars Without Number Godbound.  We started tossing back & forth different ideas villains that we've used in the past. Who would fit into the campaign world? 

We dived into Ward & Kuntz's Deities & Demi Gods going back to when we were kids the Babylonian pantheon & our experiences with Dante's Inferno, Tiamat, Judge's Guild's Inferno adventure, & more. The one bastard that we all remember is the "king of Devils Druaga"  He gets a  bit  of space in Deities & Demigods but seems to almost be a background player in the games of devil kind. 

 "Ruler of the Devil World, is a lesser god.  He and his worshipers are lawful evil, and he has been known to send devils to aid worshipers who have recently sacrificed a virgin to him."  Reading through a recent Tim Brannan Otherside of the blog  entry on Druaga there was an interesting bit, "Is it me or does his mace remind you of Asmodeus' Ruby Rod?". No its not simply you Tim. DM Mike reminded me that we used Druaga as one of the mentors of Asmodeus. He was kicked out once Asmodeus descended to the throne of Hell & the Inferno.


But what would Druaga be like in the context of a game of Godbound? Well he'd be ruler of 'the Devil World' by the modern standards of our game, a Hell plane fragment(yomi world) that is separate from the inferno. His cults thrive among the rulers, statesmen, & kings of the gulfs of space. He's a patron to tyrants & is always looking to expand his reach across the interstellar golf. The ruby rod of his marks him as a former ruler of the Inferno who retired from his position after the descend of Asmodeus. Asmodeus continues to tolerate to Druaga because the interests of master & former student rarely overlap. There are rumors of back handed support to his old teacher but these are very unlikely to be substantiated. Druaga is methodical in his methods but quite blood thirty in his appetites on the mortal realm. 

Druaga is an active god on the plane Prime appearing as an assassin at the beckoned call of kings & rulers of the space ways. He gains access to the inner workings of empires while actively corrupting governments around him.  At other times Druaga appears as a wise wizard of the space ways serving the whims of ancient devils of fallen civilizations. Or at least that is how events appear. In fact Druaga has been taking full advantage of the empty throne of Heaven to spread his own special brand of mayhem across the planes. His cabals & cells of cultists operate on the fringes of space while keeping his wizards busy within the infrastructure of the machinery of interstellar civilization.
Druaga's champions & warrior cults have made a series of daring raids across the interstellar gulf as space pirates. Several A.I.'s serve the devil ruler & there are a few 'up raised' rebotic entities  among the ranks of his cults. Several worlds have fallen to his machinations over the millennium.
He's most likely operating along several points in the abandoned area of the Night Road on worlds that have been forgotten to most of humanity. I feel sorry for the demi gods & adventurers who find his cults on some back water world. 

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