Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Adventurer, Conqueror, King Rpg's Courtney Campbell's Eyrie of the Dread Eye Campaign Commentary

I've been gone for a good portion of yesterday with work & family commitments. But I apparently courted a good deal of controversy today with some friends. I had the crazy notion of actually playing whatever game system that you want at your own table top with friends. So I got told off about recent blog posts. That's fine with me & so after much adue about nothing I'm going go on writing about the OSR games that I love. Troll Lords has an excellent  Castles & Crusades rpg offer right now for both hard cover rule book  & pdf, "Fear no thought of your own conjuring. Suffer no doubt. Square to stand against the tide. Unflinching. Unblinking. No demon, nor monster of hell to break your will. Unmask the tyrants! Rise and bring them to ruin. Make the game yours! Castles & Crusades. Act Now and the game is yours: PHB50 gets you 50% off! 

Since I've been pissing folks off today I wanted to take a breather out & get back to Adventurer, Conqueror, King for a  moment because of taking a slightly different approach to the Basic retroclone.  ACK's has a stronger focus on 'high level play' meaning ecnomic & political play where you become kings, archmages, high priests, merchant princes, and crime lords. I want to get back into Adventurer, Conqueror, King because one of my friends is blowing into town who played in my last ACK's game. I'm also looking into combining ACK's with the Godbound rpg possibly. Why?! 

Well partially this is because of the mention today of Courtney Campbell's Eyrie of the Dread Eye; "The Eye Is Opening.

Thousands of years ago, living gods named Khepri wielded powers beyond understanding. Their bizarre magics rived a rent in reality itself. This portal—the Oculus—led to the deepest realms of Chthonic Darkness, but it was not yet fully open. Malign forces, opposed to all life, infested the Oculus, and waited. The Khepri kept vigil over the Oculus till time moved her hand. When the Khepri vanished in the Day Without Night, their Elven epigones took up the watch. In time, the Elves were conquered by the diabolic Thrassian race, and they in turn were subjugated by the Zaharans. Through the millennia, the caretakers of the Oculus studied, waited, and watched.

Now the Awakening is near, the Spheres are coming into alignment, and the Oculus is beginning to open. The dark power is reaching out and for the first time in an age the Eyrie of the Dread Eye is accessible again. As the Eye opens, reality itself comes under further and further  strain. And as rumors of a new valley containing an underground forgotten city filled with untold riches spread out from the Dark Wall, the Oculus continues to open ever wider. " 

Now I recognized what this adventure actually is a love letter to   I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City using dangerous  environmental hazards, multiple rival factions to ally with or oppose, & tons of  weird monsters just waiting to kill every last PC. 
Courtney Campbell's Hack & Slash blog style makes it quite clear that we're in for. A nasty & dangerous classic OSR romp that has all of the bells & whistles that ACK's is known for. Plus this adventure expands upon the ACK's world & campaign setting in some very well thought out ways. Will this campaign & get together take off & possibly go anyplace? Or will this simply be more OSR smoke on the water's edge. Only time will tell.
Do I think that  Courtney Campbell's Eyrie of the Dread Eye  worth getting? In a word yes! 

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