Sunday, September 15, 2019

B/X Dungeons & Dragons Free & Pay Resources For Your Old School Campaigns

So yesterday around the table I heard some grumbles about the B/X Essentials review I did. Namely that there were no really free expansions for B/X Dungeons & Dragons. Oh but there are my friends! Way back in '09 there was a really well put together product for B/X Dungeons & Dragons from Barrataria Games called the Companion Expansion. There's a free no artwork version of this book which clocks in at a hundred & eight pages

Why should you as a player or dungeon master want or need this product? Well there are few reasons one its a very nicely designed rules rules set. Two the Companion Expansion brings lots of options to the Moldvay/Cook ruleset. Here's what the 'Companion Expansion' brings to the table for expert-level players and gamemasters, lots of additional  including 8 additional character classes (bard, druid, gnome, wildwood elf, half-elf/half-orc, half-ogre, illusionist, scout), expanded experience, combat, and saving throw tables, two additional types of magic (druid and illusion) and additional magic-user and cleric spells (90 in all), over 130 new or additional creatures (with a comprehensive index and suggested experience point awards), dozens of new or additional magic items, and extended treasure generation tables!' This book actually lives up to the hype on the tin and gives a good deal of bang for the buck.

While originally designed to expand the PC's hold in the' in house' campaign setting of the ' WORLD OF STRONGHOLD ' from Barrataria Games. This material is easily usable in the B/X Dungeons & Dragons Moldvay/Cook ruleset.


Now between the Campaign Expansion & the  B/X Companion from
Running Beagle Games
  there a lot of  options at the table.
Of course if I wanted to really keep the ball rolling I'd throw in Running Beagle's 
The Complete B/X Adventurer. This brings more new classes, new spells, new character options, and rules options for beginning PC's. These are B/X gaming materials not found in the the Advanced Edition Companion™ for Labyrinth Lord™.

The B/X Companion & the B/X Adventurer is available in print through the B/X Black Razor blog. All of the material I've covered so far is completely compatible with Labyrinth Lord. Which makes the entire affair sweeter in my humble opinion. Yes I also know about Barrel Rider Games Class Compendium for Labyrinth Lord. Yes this is a great PC class book that expands the gauntlet of classes for LL & B/X Dungeons & Dragons. I heartily recommend it for dungeon masters looking to expand their B/X range of material. Yes it really well done quality OSR material.

Now this being said if you as a Dungeon Master & your looking for a good free value download, AA2 Adventure Anthology Two just broke for the Basic Fantasy Rpg by James Lemon, Chris Gonnerman, and Contributors is solid.

Following this path for B/X Dungeons and Dragons PC design and class options at the table gives the DM a ton to work with for both his campaign & his players. There are far too many resources to name in a simple blog post but this is a starting point.

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