Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1d10 Table of Space Survival Encounters And Desperate Circumstances

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1d10 Table of Space Survival Encounters And Desperate  Circumstances
  1. There is a radiation leak but everything appears to be five by five across the control boards but the leak is getting worse as the moments tick by. 
  2. The atmosphere is becoming fouled with CO2 and everything is starting to look a bit fuzzy. 
  3. The gravity generators are malfunctioning and somehow a strange green yellow liquid is flying around the cabin. 
  4. You and your crew have a small mostly harmless xeno parasite somewhere in the spacecraft. 
  5. There is a leak some place aboard of vital fluids and if not corrected within 1d4 rounds things could get much, much, worse. 
  6. The sensors have malfunctioned and you are now flying blind. There are swarms of micro asteroids coming toward the ship each only doing 1 point of damage but there are thousands but you can't see them. 
  7. The craft is bathed in a cloud of strange cosmic rays and the ship's shielding isn't functioning properly. A mutation check for everyone or save vs poison. 
  8. The antigravity is off and someone brought a bag of synthetic potato crisps aboard. Grease could get into delicate instruments. 
  9. There's a virus that has gotten into the AI systems and turned the entire space craft into a flying disco club. Vital systems will be turned into "club" operations during the flight. 
  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong except for that little blinking red light. That keeps blinking and so forth.
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