Friday, April 26, 2013

Five High Tech Mysticism spells For Your Old School Space Opera

Five High Tech Mysticism Spells 

  1.  Burtrum's Bale Fire Blast -
    Spell Level 4
    Range 480 foot cone
    Duration - Immediate
    This spells summons a blast of bale fire from the depths of the stars of damnation at the user's target that does 1d4 points of damage. The fires burn with cold star fire and will effect  the souls of creatures while leaving flesh untouched and unharmed. This spell is often used to burn any traces  of soul or personality during the creation of certain types of mindless undead. 
  2.  Planar Pulse of Pike  -
    Spell Level 2nd
    Range 240 foot radius
    Duration - Immediate
    This spell summons a burst of planar dimensional energy that temporarily disrupts all communication devices,medical devices,and  high technological devices. As the planar energies crawl across the landscape in a wave of weird and strange effects can be heard and felt by all within the area of effect. There is a 5% chance of over use of this spell will cause a minor cross dimensional rift in the local space time continuum. The cast will be sucked into unreality never to be seen again unless a save vs. death is made. 
  3. Electromagnetic Scattering  -
    Spell Level 2nd
    Range 480 foot cone
    Duration - 1d4 hours
    The caster calls upon the quisi electrical plane and creates a scattering of the signs and symbols of those within the effects of this spell. High technological devices and sensors can not read nor pick up the signals of those within this field.
    There is 3% chance that each time this spell is cast a quisi elemental will appear and stalk the caster. The monster will drain every last electrical and magnetic impulse from the wizard. There are ancient techniques that teach how to ground against these monsters. 
  4. Barker's Symbols and Signs -
    Spell Level 6
    Range 480 foot radius 
    Duration - 1d8 turns
    The caster summons the ancient signs and symbols of the ancient slime and organ filled hells that are no longer being used. The caster is surrounded by a plethora of symbols of the damned and all within effects of this spell must save vs fear or flee the area. The ancient damned of these hells will arrive in 1d4 turns to feed and tear any present. These beings are the equivlant of skeletons and zombies. The caster is protected but can not control these beings at all. The cast must make a successful wisdom check to banish these damned souls back to the alien hells from which they came. There is a 20% chance of one or more escaping though. 
  5. The Last Hurrah  -
    Spell Level 3
    Range 280 foot cone
    Duration - Immediate
     The caster creates an inverted soul cube of force within himself and detonates part of his soul. The spell does 1d4 points of damage and creates a cone of hellish fire that does 1d8 points of damage.
    The caster must save vs death or turn into a small pile of ash. The spell is only taught by some of the most fanatical of wizard guilds and alien schools of  magic. They are those who say that the spell is used for the astral mining of certain types of elemental and psychic crystals. 

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