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The Meat Lover's Guide To The Post Apocalypse Review

The Meat Lover's Guide To The Post Apocalypse is unique to say the least. It comes in at about 30 pages and delivers some thing very interesting and that has been missing from many post apocalyptic games.  How much nutritional value does a humanoid body have? 
 Alright just how much meat is that mutant lizard that you slayed for the village going to yield and other questions that the author answers. 

The description is even full of a few great ideas. Here it is from Rpgnow. 

The Meat Lover's Guide To The Post Apocalypse...Because Even Half-Crazed, Mutant Road Savages Get Hungry Once In Awhile.
The Meat Lover's Guide to the Post Apocalypse is a small but information packed guide book that allows the players and the game master (GM) of a post apocalyptic setting a general set of rules for harvesting meat from slain animals and monstrous creatures. This book takes real world information, concepts, and methods of hunting and meat preparation and condenses such knowledge into a format that is readily accessible to the GM and minimizes the headaches of prior research. However, just because the information is condensed, this doesn't mean that this book lacks in diversity or flexibility in regards to the subject of harvesting meat. If you are a player or a GM that would simply be happy with just saying, “okay, you each have three days of food after butchering the atomic cow”, then this is not the guide book for you. Honestly, you simply make that up off the top of your head and it would be probably fine without further examination or research. However, if you are the type of GM that wants a more realistic approach to harvesting the meat from even the most unrealistic of mutated monsters, then this is the post apocalyptic supplement for you.
The contents of this book begins with a chart of several real world animals. Included in this chart is the average weight of such an animal, the type of creature it is, the amount of consumable meats, organs, etc. that one could expect to harvest from such a creature, and also the average calorie intake of 1 pound of the creature's consumable meat, organs, etc. From there you will find a section on how to establish the same general guidelines for mutated, monstrous creatures as well as other animals not already included in the basic charts. In addition to this information, the reader is provided with a wealth of additional information. Such information includes, but is not limited to, figuring out how many days worth of food a creature yields based on the calorie intake of the characters, issues with spoilage and how to properly preserve meat, and notes on the damage to potential meat harvests that is caused by wounding or killing a creature in combat.

On a final, but very important note, this guidebook is developed in a manner that makes it system generic. Thus, it is compatible with most, with not all, tabletop, paper and dice role playing games that are based on a post apocalyptic Earth. When developing the product, the author recognized that there are multiple takes on what a post apocalyptic environment would be like. Some simply incorporate the aspects of a zombie uprising, with no other truly out of the ordinary elements, while others go for a very exotic world full of strange, exotic mutations. Some, on the other hand, a middle of the road ground that is very gritty and full of skullduggery and desperation. The “road nomad” style post apocalyptic movies of the 1980's are good examples of this vision.
Whether your world contains exotic mutated creatures, or simply the currently existing animals of the world, this guide book will provide you with the basics of guiding the adventuring party in their quest of staying alive to fight another day.

Pages: 30 (counting cover and table of contents)
Written By: Dave Woodrum

Using the Meat Lovers Guide In Your OSR game. 

 Besides the usual suspects for the post apocalyptic game bits there is also another side to this. With a little bit of fiddling this game suppliments could be used for a Space Game as well. Xeno hunting across the stars might be a side line that the characters could well get into. 
I personally love the book. Its 30 pages for three dollars and well worth the value. There are page after pages of stuff that any DM worth their salt could put some real weirdness into a game . 
The bottom line is that this a great addition to the weird and strange post apocalyptic landscape. 
You can get this wonderful little book right over at DriveThru Rpg right HERE

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