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War Machines Of Mars - Actual Play Mutant Future - Post Apocalypse Mars Game

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Set within the shadow of my Post apocalyptic Mars game this is a one shot game for six players. The party will consist of  2 fighters(soldiers), a mutant/Martian scout, a chaplain(Cleric), Martian (Wizard), and Martian (Assassin/Thief).

The Mission :
To Recover The Behemoth 

Out in the wastes of Mars is a dragon which has been slain by central command. The brain of monster is actually a Land Based Air Craft Carrier  that has been destroyed by the alien invaders. The A.I. clock work brain being far to valuable to fall into the hands of the Invaders Seen here

Then there is the hazard of the demon haunted mecha of their own sides haunting them as well. 
Electrical Experimenter 1917-07
You can fine much more about these HERE And still more HERE

A short history of the Conflict : 
  These mecha also saw action on Barsoom when the Earth's engineering innovations kick started the Red  Martian war machine in high gear. With the coming conflict with the Invaders Seen here  the innovations quickly spread across the face of Barsoom allowing some advances in warfare. The conflict was quickly fought to a limited 5 day nuclear war. This war has quiet parallels to this conflict seen on Earth Here. These gateway technologies quickly leap frogged mankind into its next phase of interplanetary exploration. We shall be exploring this more in up coming entries.
Not to mention the horrors of the so called "Automatic Soldiers" Right over HERE 
 Tremble before the Daleks of 1918
This isn't a friendly Mars at all. Its a nightmare conflict around most of the major city states across the planet. A  red desert  hell of warfare,fire, blood, thunder, and utter chaos. Add into the mix the retro future inventions and that's the world your PC's are setting down into. 
Let's also not mention the Martian Alien Lifeforms, Green Martian Mercenaries, Raiders, and Worse! 

The Party will be descending into the Valles Marineris for the recovery. According to Wiki : 
Valles Marineris is a vast canyon system that runs along the Martian equator. At 4,500 km long, 200 km wide and 11 km deep, the Valles Marineris rift system is ten times longer, seven times wider and seven times deeper than the Grand Canyon of Arizona, making it the largest known crevice in the solar system.

 The Party is going to have to deal with all kinds of issues and  creatures but their also going to have to watch out for tripods! 
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Post Apocalypse Mars 
Valles Marineris Encounter Table 1d10 
  1. A group of Mutant hybrid raiders armed with swords and radium pistols.2nd level fighters looking for easy prey. 
  2. A wrecked tripod with radiation leak 
  3. A group of vets trying to get out of the trench. What do you do? Need food and medical attention. 
  4. A group of red men warriors looking to join a group of adventurers. 3rd level fighters and soldiers. 
  5. Scout Tripods! - Hit points 8 AC 6 Damage 1d8 heat ray 
  6. Green Martian Raiders on Throats 7 hit points AC 8 Damage 1d6 radium rifles Range 3 miles 
  7. Mutated Cadlots  Pack - Hungry And Dangerous Hit 3 AC 7 Damage 1d4 claw Bite 1d6 
  8. Slaver Saucers - Hit Dice 10 AC 6 Damage 1d4 ray blaster, or Heavy Stunners 
  9. Tripods! Hit Dice 12 AC 6  Damage 1d4 tendril  1d8 Heat Ray Range 200 yards 
  10. Demon Haunted Mecha DM Choose!

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