Monday, April 8, 2013

1d10 Marks of The Space Gods - Marks of Favor or Disfavor For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Marks of The Space Gods Random Table 

  1. The PC sports an intricate set of circuitry tattoos across their face. Upon commmand the tats light up giving a fierce appearance. Any creature that beholds the PC with less then 2 hit dice  must save vs fear or flee. 
  2. The PC has been blessed with a minor artifact from ancient bygone days. This object serves as a reminder of the god in question. It acts a symbol of the deity allowing the PC to enter certain alien shrines and holy grounds of the god. There is a 20 % of the god  communicating with the PC every 23 days through the object. 
  3. The PC is cursed with an object d'art that is now tattooed into their skin as a moving hologram and those who look upon it despair and curse the PC. -2 Charisma when the tattoo shows. 
  4. The PC is given a strange birthmark that is actually an alien prayer to the deity. This prayer will heal or draw a minor psychic power to the character. 
  5. The character is cursed with a weak soul and mind. All psychic powers work way to well on the character. On the upside the character can commune with his god 60% of the time without elaborate rituals or religious mumbo jumbo. 
  6. The PC is gifted with +3 charisma as the alien magnetism of the god blesses their physical body. They are an excellent psychical specimen of their species. 
  7. The PC's back is covered in a strange alien passage from some esoteric scroll of unknown scripture. All who look upon this prophecy gain wisdom including the PC who gains +3 wisdom from mediating upon this gift from upon high. 
  8. The PC is cursed with the burden of the shadow of alien dead stars hovering over their destiny. The PC has a strange birthmark that covers on half of their face and an alien mutation that goes with it. 
  9. The PC is gifted with a minor gift of the gods of Law. This trinket hums with the songs of Law and science. The PC can understand super science and sorcery. For it sings to him at night of these things. 
  10. The forces of darkness and chaos are upon the PC! They shall never have a quiet destiny! Always will chaos dog his steps for it is written in the stars!  The PC is destined for greatness!

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