Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Super Science Weapons For Your Old School Space Opera

Five Super Science Weapons 
Neuronic Beamer - This ray pistol is more then a simple weapon of war. It is a marvel of mirco planar engineering. The weapon funnels the power of a singularity into an infinitely tight beam of magnetic direction. The weapon has a range of 40 yards and does 1d8 points of damage as the energies that flow through the weapon tear the target apart with inter-dimensional violence and malice. These weapons are past from father to son down through the generations. 
Micro Planar Ray pistol - This is one of the most common weapons in space today. This weapon channels a single micro dimensional door as a means to destroy a target from over 50 yards away. The piece does 1d6 points of flesh rending nastiness to its target. 
Mind Ripper of Thausu - This single wrought crystal weapon is formed from the solidified tears of space angels and the psychic might of past users. This piece fires a solid beam of planar might and power. It has a range of 30 yards and the gun inflicts a soul rending beam on to its target.  The victim must save vs death or have their souls ripped from their bodies otherwise the beam does 1d4 points of damage. 
Sword of Thrurasus - These single molecule swords are the main weapon of a number of  mercenary outfits who see these weapons as status symbols. The weapon does 1d6 points of damage and can slice through most metals. The weapon feeds off of the vital energies of its user and does 1 point of damage after combat.For those who bond with the weapon psychically the weapon allows them a +1 in intelligence as the crystal artifacts sings through their mind. 
Dark Matter Lens - This psychic crystal lens is made from the cut diamonds of mad jewelers. The lens bestows the powers of telekinesis upon its user. Once per every five rounds the the lens can release a 1d6 point blast of pure psychic prowess. These weapons can  also once per day cast a cure light wounds spell. These weapons were the property of an ancient alien cult that has not made any such technology in over 4000 years. The cult disappeared after committing mass suicide one night during the universal Equinox. 


  1. I was always fond of the Lensman weapons, like the DeLameter and the semi-portable.

    Of course, for busting planets you can't go wrong with a Negasphere!

    Doc Smith specialized in weapons that make the Death Star look wimpy :)

  2. I re -edited that entry folks. I put this up at 3 am in the morning my time.
    Doc Smith was a favorite of mine but I do actually try to keep to the public domain if possible in my gaming. Ninety percent of Doc's work was secured back in the 60's as part of the great push of science fiction copyright and trademark. Steve Jackson did a GURPs supplement back in the 90's and then a revised version recently. I use Doc as a template but try to do something original if possible.

  3. Thanks for the great comment and I'll get something like the Negasphere up very soon.


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