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The Knights of The Outer Darkness For Your Old School Space Opera

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 A Knights of The Outer Darkness in battle with his hated foes 

The Knights of the Outer Darkness are a group of renagades, warriors, veterans, and psychics who served during the so called "psychic wars" of 2298. These monsters roam the space ways looking to bring about the so called "Xeno genesis". To shatter the walls between the space time continuum and the Outer Darkness.
Each knight strives to be a paragon of the paths of darkness, emptiness, apathy, and pain.They are often found  moving the galactic chess board around them as masters of chaos,depravity, and corruption. 

Each knight is given over to the care of a living god who watches over the knight as a semi demonic guardian angel of Lovecraftian virtues and vices. 
Each knight maintains and moves a fleet of warships and hyper-spacial interstellar fortresses known as castles. Created from the debris of a million space battles these fleets leave scorched planets behind them. At the heart of each and every castle is a doorway into the realms of the knight's god. A living heart of darkness waiting for its depraved worshiper and lover to sacrifice every last shred of their humanity. 
Mode of Operation 
The knight and his routine of warriors are a blight upon the face of interstellar space. A fleet of blood and conquest subjugating worlds beneath their ship's landing gear in the name of their depraved gods.
Each knight operates as warrior and cleric subject to the services of his dark masters whims.
Upon completion of his first dark miracle the knight is given his "metals" an unholy combination of biotechnological horror and a patch work of living organic metal. An unholy combination gifted to the Living God's charge. Each suit is unique and gifted with several dark magical properties of unholy super science and sorcery.
Each knight is also gifted with a named unique "Heretical Sword" These biotechnological nightmares often have several weird or unsavory properties. They will grant their masters a +1 or better to damage. The thing exists in at least several dimensions and these mad items can often carve and cleave dimension doorways between universes and other dark cold hells. 

 There is a 10% chance that these gods of the Outer Darkness will grant their dark charges pacts.
The Dark And Forbidden Pacts Table 1d10 

  1. Once per day the knight and armor can become as per stone - 3 to all armor class. The knight is a living statue of bio rock and can move and speak as such. 
  2. Chill of the Dark void - The knight's hands glow with a cold hell fire glow whose touch can cause 1d6 points of damage. 
  3. Become the Slime - The knight can become an intelligent ooze or slime. DM decision of type. 
  4. Hideous Stalker - The knight becomes a horror of double hit points and claws that can strike for 1d8 points of damage. These unholy claws can even deform soft metals. 
  5. Gift of The Ancients - The knight receives an ancient energy weapon taken millions of years ago in an alien battle. The thing is swathed in alien bile and ichor when received. 
  6. Forbidden Scriptures -The knight receives a chest filled with forbidden knowledge and damnation. 2 levels of cleric spells or +1 to wisdom. 
  7. Bounty of Corruption - The knight gains 10,888 credits in ill gotten gain to help him build a cult for his dark master. More will come with time and results. 
  8. Embrace of Darkness. The knight becomes a doorway into a realm of absolute darkness and chaos. Three times per day he may shoot a ray of absolute darkness at a target forty yards away. The ray does 1d8 points of damage as the target's soul writhes in pain and agony. The flesh remains untouched. 
  9. Circuitry of the Crawling Corruption - The knight's arm is covered a sleeve of alien cybernetic circuitry ripped from the tendrils of the fallen servants of darkness. This thing is a living FTL communications device, sensor suite, and deviation device. +1 to all initiative rolls in combat. The knight is owned body and soul by his god and through the device in constant contact with it. 
  10. Become The Mechanism - The knight is transformed into an advanced android of himself. Life like in every aspect he is now nothing more then a plaything to his dark master's very whims. A mere toy of the Outer Darkness at play in the universe. 
Once every thirty days the there is a 10% chance of that an alien mercenary band will join with the knight. They will attracted by the knight's dark reputation and the chance for depravity. 
There is a less then 2% chance that the knight will receive an artifact of the Atlans that was captured by his dark master six million years ago during the height of the Outer Darkness Wars. 

Knights of The Outer Darkness
No Appearing : 1(1d10) 

Alignment: Chaotic 
Movement : 60'(20)
Armor Class:4 

Hit Dice: 9 
Attacks: 2(By Weapon and Energy Weapon)
Damage: 2d4/1d8
Save :F15 
Morale :8 
Hoard Class: X 
XP: 4,000

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  1. I absolutely love your blog. My SWN campaign would never have gotten off the ground but for a few d10 rolls on your random tables. Now it's my players' favorite game so far!

  2. Welcome aboard Jack and I'm very happy that you've found the tables that helpful. I've got more coming up. We've got more coming up my friend! All my best and Stay tuned we've got more coming right up! Thanks for the comments again!


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