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The Brain-Lords of Cymradia From The Talon Sector For Stars Without Number

Brain-Lords of Cymradia

The planet Cymradia is ruled by the Cymradian Brain-Lords. They are highly intellignet and technologically advanced humanoids standing around 4 feet tall, with massive heads. However, they are a dying race, looking for new bodies. They initiated Project: Survival in which they abducted and tested various humanoid species from throughout the galaxy, in search of the most durable and compatible bodies to serve as hosts to their minds. They succeeded in both transferring their heads onto larger humanoid bodies, and transplanting their brains into human skulls.
Appearance And Biology 
These beings are humanoids standing around 4 feet tall, with veined massive heads and a typically sinister appearance. These beings are an artificially engineered and bio created race of being perhaps an artifact or device race left behind by much more advanced beings. 
These beings use planets with  atmospheres compatible with human and near human life. They prefer a slightly less then Earth gravity. 
Their test subjects including , Futura, led a revolt against them. Many of the Brain Lords appeared to parish when a ship they were on crashed into a geyser of hot magma.
Many fled to the Talon Sector where their skills and technology was and is in demand. 
These beings now act as mercenary scientists and can be found among many crews. They can often befound among the dregs of the sector acting as slavers and bio alchemist merchants selling customized "Synthopoids". Artificially created bio engineered alien humanoids that can act with artificial consciousness or to the telepathic commands of their users. They are also known to kidnap experimental subject as the whim takes them. 
In all but their first appearance, the Brain-Lords and Synthopoids were depicted with green skin. The pink skin variety has also been seen leading to some speculation that these beings have a possible colour based caste system within their internal society.

 The Brain-Lords are not the mad scientists of holofilms as so many have depicted. They are a very careful, psychically aware and psionically advanced race. Each of these beings is a 3rd level psychic at least if not better. 
They are however a persecuted race and twisted by incredibly dangerous legacies of technological horror and an internal drive for conquest and to succeed. They hate sadism and cruelty but are not adverse to using these on a case by case basis. 

There are worlds where the rule of the Brain-Lords of Cymradia is preferred over the rule of local technological warlords. 
The Brain-Lords of Cymradia fill the role of slavers, mercenary scientists, alchemists, and deviants of a lost time among the stars. They are the devils that haunt  the dreams of some. Yet there are also doctors, lawyers, and scientists among the ranks of this psionically aware race. 
They can be played out as the villains that they appear to be but there have been the rare examples of this race that is seen among crews of pirates or other spacers. 

The Brain-Lords of Cymradia are technology level 4th verging on 5th society within Stars Without Number. They have among their ranks many artifacts of 6th level technology. 
The Brain Lords possessed ships capable of nearly instant intergalactic travel, tractor beams, teleportation devices, powerful ray guns, and equipment capable of monitoring all of their subjects vitals from hundreds of miles away (possibly anywhere).
The Brain Lords have also built "Synthopoids" which are powerful creatures, standing about 7 feet tall, designed to perform physical labor. They are slaves to the telepathic signals of their creators.

Typical Combat Synthopoids

Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice:4 
Attack Bonus: +6 
Damage 1d8 claw or horned fist 
Number appearing: 1d4 
Saving Throw :13 
Movement: 30"
Morale: 9 

These are stats for a typical Synthopoid please feel free to add or modify this creature as you see fit. The Brain-Lords of Cymradia create these beings in endless varieties including heavy labors,pleasure beings, and any number of unsavory creations.  
These beings can be directed by any psychic of sufficient power and ability. 

The Brain-Lords of Cymradia As Player Characters 

The Brain-Lords of Cymradia are typically not available as PCs but if the DM should allow it. They will gain telepathy as a naturally occurring ability. Most will be psychics but there are rare experts and soldiers among their ranks. Those encountered will be outcasts and will not have access to "Synthopoids" technology until seventh or eighth level. That is of course if the DM allows it. 
Government: Oligarch, Council system in many planetary systems  

Lenses : Domination, Greed, Fear, Treachery 

The Brain Lords are from Public Domain Super Heroes right over HERE

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