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The Ilaungororind - The God Parasites For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

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The Ilaungororind - The God Parasites 

“I felt myself on the edge of the world; peering over the rim into a fathomless chaos of eternal night.” 

― H.P. Lovecraft
There are some gods who grow hoary with age and the worshipers are gone. They drift in the abyss between the dreams of men and the rim of eternal night. Beings whose material forms begin to drift in the ragged night of space and time. These gods are often riddled with parasites that feed upon every last shred of god energy they have.
Some become the monsters from beyond nightmare and others become larval gods of terrible inhuman aspect things that slither through the cracks in reality waiting and feeding on the occasional explorer or space traveler.
Their powers are incredible and their appetites are awesomely insane in the depth of destruction that they can wrought
Mode of Operation 
The Ilaungororind are attracted by the signatures of space craft engines against the blackness of hyperspace. These beings can sense anything that comes within 1d4 light years of their abodes within the Outer Darkness. They swim through the lightless  realm of unreality and the illusions of nightmares that make up this strange anti reflection of the universe.
Should they sense any passing ship these beings often lash out with 1d20 micro tendrils. Each tendril drips with bio acid and will eat slowly through a ship's hull. The creatures will offer a bargan to those spacers trapped within. They will eat 1d10 years worth of memory in exchange for the lives of the passengers and crews of star ships.
These beings may often destroy the ship with an alpha wave planar attack that does 30 points of damage and will affect the mind of any psychic aboard.
 These creatures often swim through hyperspace and can move between 1d4 light years per round when doing so.
Certain signs and symbols can drive these beings off. A cleric of the god Nodens often knows the correct signs to rebuke these bastard parasite god children.
These beings are often found feeding upon the dreams of children and lost gods out among the fields of the stars.
A field of protonic inversion has been known to destroy these beings. A suitable device can be created by a technician of at least 6th or better level.

The Ilaungororind

File:Linguatula taenioides.jpg
Armor Class: 7 (17) 
Hit Dice : 70 
Attacks : Tendrils doing 1d4 points of damage per round,Should they sense any passing ship these beings often lash out with 1d20 micro tendrils. Each tendril drips with bio acid and will eat slowly through a ship's hull.
Specials: See above, Each round the prey is level drained and the thing feeds on their very soul and memories. They will eat 1d10 years worth of memory per round. 
Move: 15(30 when flying or levitating),can move between 1d4 light years per round when in hyperspace. 
HDE/XP: 9/1500 

Wand of The 
The Ilaungororind
A wand created from the laser fused spine of a worshiper of one of these creatures. The wand when dipped in the blood of a virgin spacer and charged with the vile ichor of these creatures enables a psychic or psionically aware creature to summon one of these foul beings. The wand may also be used as a +3 club and when baptized in an act of violence enables one to get in direct telepathic communication with one of these foul things.
The wand may also project a ray of foulness against any creature within a 20 yard radius. Any being hit by this ray will feel as though violated on a molecular level. They will be at a - 3 on all skill related rolls as their mind replays the nightmare sensations over and over again. 

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