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Grand Planar Gods For Your Old School Space Opera

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Name: Grand Planar God
Symbol: Varies 
Alignment: True Neutral 
Movement: 200' per round. 
Armor Class: 8 
Hit Points (Hit Dice)
Attacks: 3 per round 
Damage: 1d10 Planar Cosmic Blast, 1d4 tendril attacks, Ocular Blast 1d8 
Save: M20
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: 7,000 gp's worth of artifacts 
XP: 3,500 

The Grand Planar Gods stand within the vales of the Outer Darkness allowing travelers to pass through the gateways and byways of the planes. They are the guardians at the threshold for all other Mythos entities. They ensure that none enter the forbidden places where life is still developing. They are said to be related to Gods of The Earth those beings of the Dreamlands echoes of formerly great gods and spirits.Others are highly evolved alien beings who have risen from the ranks of the local time space continuum.
These beings project multi dimensional echoes of themselves throughout the unreality of planar space allowing them to appear to be many places at once. These beings are called upon to divine the destinations  for hyperspace travel and dimensional routes through interstellar distance.
They are masters of life, death, and unreality. The three unholy faces they wear is able to allow them to see what can be unseen. Nothing hides from their gazes. These beings are highly evolved entities of cosmic planar energies.  Many lost and forgotten races sacrifice valuable technologies and relics to them for their favor.
 Should any be so foolish to attack them they will respond with a blast of 
1d10 Planar Cosmic Blast,  then a 1d4 tendril attacks,  and finally an anti magic/psychic Ocular Blast that does  1d8 of damage. 

They may also use an attack called the "Grand Dismissal". This invocation separates the being from the local space time continuum as their soul is separated from the silver cord. The being must make a save vs death or they are struck from the cosmic wheel of life. Any being who destroyed in this way has no hope of resurrection. 
These beings may also use "The Grand Recall". This allows the Grand Planar God to call upon any being and his or her alternative world doppelgangers for information or interrogation. This is often done when there is a disturbance upon the planes.
These gods may teleport without error anywhere within the oververse and are able to move 1d10 beings with them.
These beings may be found in the thousands across the myriad scattered worlds. They gather together for a grand conclave every thirty thousand years.
These beings may clerical spells of the 4th, 5th, & 6th level.
 These beings 5 or more psionic powers as per a cleric.
Once per day they may commune with their gods.
Call Grand Planar God 
 Level 7th
Duration : 72 hours 
Range: 3 miles 
By casting this spell the wizard calls down one of the planar gods and he had better have a damn good reason! The god appears in a fire storm of planar cosmic energy setting the sky upon fire as the barriers between worlds crack open. 
The god will appear upon the specially prepared Angle of Grand Appearance ready to discuss matters of planar cosmic importance. The being will remain for seventy two hours observing, calculating, and judging the local dimensional conditions. The wizard should have an artifact of 800 gd pieces or better for an offering or some specially prepared entertain story for the god.
 Roll on the table below for reaction.

Grand Planar Gods Reaction Table 1d10 
  1. There is a crisis at hand whelp and you need to tell me about it before cosmic forces are invoked! 
  2. You will need this. The Grand Planar God gives a minor artifact to help the party but isn't clear how it will be used. 
  3. The God agrees to help you but you now owe him a boon and he shall collect soon. 
  4. The God summons 1d4 2nd level alien warriors to help with the crisis for you. 
  5. The god is not amused at all at having been disturbed by less then weighty matters. You must explain yourself or you shall feel my wrath. 
  6. This is all you have for a gift? You must be joking. After we have handled your petty concerns then you will quest for a more appropriate gift for me. 
  7. Your crisis isn't of planar importance, and so you must accompany me now! Save vs death or accompany this being on a mission from this god. 
  8. Tell me a story of your world so that I may experience it through your eyes 
  9. Your very sight offends me and so I banish you to another realm unless you can give me a good reason  not to. 
  10. This is not my specialty but another of my kind can help you we shall call her now. 

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