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1d10 Marks of The Space Gods - Marks of Favor or Disfavor For Your Old School Space Opera Part II

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1d10 Marks of The Space Gods - Marks of Favor or Disfavor Part II 
  1. The PC sports a strange flicking shadow like alien entity that is now soul bound to them. Upon command the thing crawls from shadow to shadow and the PC may see through its eyes. Once per day it may deliver a shock that does 1d8 points of damage. Once per week the PC must sing to the thing and commune with the god of darkness who gave it to them. 
  2. The Talons of The Lawful - The PC is given a strange set of tattoos burned into the DNA of their hands. These minor artifacts of Law are actually a complex set of computer interfaces that will add +3 to any computer related tasks. The displays are projected into the retina of the PC's eyes. The computers will activate upon command. The PC once per week must bath in sun or starlight to recharge these instruments. They're fingers are of course the key board. The fingers of the character are now coated in glyphs of law and once per week project a minor symbol of Law. 
  3. The PC is covered in whirls of Chaos and Discord. The skin of the being is actually a minor item of Chaos and once per day the character may project disrupt machine power. Any minor technological artifacts within 20 feet of the PC must make a save or deactivate until the character wills them back into operation. The character may project a Chaotic pulse from his fingers twice per day doing 1d4 points of damage. 
  4. The PC gains an aura of Law  and increases their intelligence by 1d4 points. They have an aura of calm and order that may be projected upon others acting as a charm spell once per day. They may also reveal this aura and command 1d3 creatures of Law once per day. The character also has an innate understand of some technological  devices and some super science artifacts. These may be induced once per day. 
  5. The character is favored by the beasts of Chaos and once per day he may command such a beast. Once a week he may summon such a creature. This will act as the monster summoning spell. There is a 40% chance that the creature may turn on the PC. Such as the ways of chaos. 
  6. The PC gains the favor of Law and as such some magic spells may not work on him. He gains a 10% magic resistance as the forces of law unknit minor spells sent his way. Any wizards who meet this character will take an instant dislike as a faint hum of law surrounds the PC. Once per week he may create a blue bolt of law that does 1d6 points of damage within personal combat. No healing magic will ever work upon this character. 
  7. This character is favored by the forces of Chaos to such an extent that he must become a hero of Chaos upon a Post Apocalyptic world for 1d4 months. In exchange he will gain a minor device of technological nature from this universe. The device is DM's choose however. 
  8. The PC's gains the favor of a minor evil lord of law who once per week will check in upon his favorite toy. He is give 1d3 spells of a lawful nature but they are only 1st level. There is a 30% of the god forgetting about the character and not renewing these spells at all. There is also a 45% chance of the PC being a mission by this god. 
  9.  The PC is swathed in the configurations of Chaos and given the protection of a minor planar demon of chaos. The character's right arm becomes covered in necrotechnological devices and they may command the dead once per week. The dead however are not silent and will constantly chatter in the PC's brain telepathically. There is a 3% chance that these unquiet ghosts and spirits may reveal something useful. The arm is +1 on all damage done. 
  10. The Character becomes a cleric of Law itself and all that contains. He may be granted telepathic powers or psychic abilities.

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