Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Highway Men - Incident At A Hyperspace Beacon - Stars Without Number Actual Play

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The characters were headed back from a rather interesting outing in the chasm. They'd learned a great deal about the goings on between Apex Medical Battle Pyramids and A Mi Go Planetoid that had engaged each other in battle. 
As the Party was ready to cross the first hyperspace beacon coming back into the Talon sector a hyperspace drone zipped past them heading back into the Chasm.
The party's ship gave chase and eventually destroyed the drone with little difficulty as guns blazed away.  The probe belonged to the Ice Walker Space Viking Clan.  A clan that had laided false claim to salvage on a space battle field rich in debris.
 Then the hyper space beacon disappeared from FTL communications. A scan reveal someone or something was crippling the beacon. The party sent out a science probe of their own. And revealed a nearby ship sitting out in hyper reality.
The ship was using some very advanced technology linked to the Spike drive to bend light and space around itself.
The probe manivoured close to the beacon and that's when the player's dice were fumbled!
The probe managed to take out part of the beacon! 
The crew didn't take any chances and then began blasting at the cloaked ship.
 The ship belonged to an old hated enemy of the party.
Mucoid Mercenaries working in conjunction with the Ice Walkers! 
The pilot of the party disabled their ship after they began the careful tactic of trying to hide in the forth layer of hyper dimensional reality. The tactic worked for a few rounds. The fighting proved frustrating as the bastards moved from one plane to another not standing still long enough for the party to get a clear shot. 
 The party's ship eventually reached them. After few carefully placed blasts the fighter ship of mucoids were finished. The party has a blood debt enemy in the alien invertebrates.
The party's employer asked the party to finish the evil invertebrates and became 3,000 credits richer! 
You can find out more about mucoid right over at Hereticworks right HERE
The crew is now meeting up with the Space Viking fleet next week. 

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