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1d10 Attendants And Wandering Servitors of The Space Gods For Your Old School Space Opera

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These are the wanderers of infinity moving across the face of the cosmos and announcing the coming of their masters. They are beings raised up in the ways of cosmic evolution and beyond. More then mere heralds and angels. These beings are prophets, public relation agents, and indeed engines of cosmic destruction within their own rights.
They often set up temporary bases and shelters upon alien worlds then begin a campaign of pseudo religious mummery and tactics forming a cell of a cult. They then draw power from their masters worshipers as resource to be called upon within a section of space.
 They often have the abilities of 8th level clerics or prophets of their masters.

Mode of operation 

These beings use a combination of bravado, super science, and sorcery to gather followers. They weave this with psionics and displays of discipline as well as the occasional "miracle".  These beings have the ability to summon planar storms which will arrive within one turn.
They are able to cast a bolt of planar energy every six rounds. The hit point damage is equal to the hit point total of the Wandering Servitors.
Magic only does half damage to these beings due to their semi planar and extra dimensional nature.
They use a combination of telepathy and charm abilities when speaking to their audience. The audience will become as if under a mass suggestion spell unless the appropriate save is made.

Attendants And Wandering Servitors of The Space Gods
No Encountered: 1(1d4)
Alignment: Varies
Symbol: Varies with Cosmic Planar Master
Movement: 150'(50')
Armor Class:2 
Hit Dice: 16 
Attacks:1+see above 
Damage: 8d6 
Save: F15 
Morale: 9 
Hoard Class 5,000 gp's worth of artifacts 
XP: 4,400
These beings are often accompanied by 1d6 Cloud Giants clad in micro biotechnological gear and armed with deadly super science weapons. These beings are alien cloud giant mercenaries. They are often hired with promises of wealth, superior elite technology, and slaves for vile unearthly experiments 

1d10 Attendants And Wandering Servitors

  1. Ethau The Chaotic Warden - This being roams the star ways spreading his message of his masters. He engages in evolutionary experiments judging the fitness of the various races he encounters in his travels. He is willing to work for any chaotic god or entity who can slate his thirst for forbidden knowledge and superior evolution. 
  2. Gonimint The Law Breaker - This entity is a collection of twelve different essences collected into the body of a planar giant. He wanders the space ways testing the limits of natural laws and changing the mutational laws of species to produce superior entities. He will serve any lawful deity or space god willing to allow him to play with their flock. He is a natural scientist and scholar of cosmic laws. 
  3. Goror The Destroyer - This being wipes away alien civilizations and makes room for his masters creations. Goror The Destroyer is host to a wide variety of mutant chaotic monster races and these are his children. He will work for any Chaotic master as long as blood and warfare are in the mix for him and his minions. He uses a +2 giant plasmic ax of slaying name of Urrutha. 
  4. Hmmoror -This attendant is a lawful wanderer of infinity who samples as many life forms as it can. It mixes and matches these lifeforms into brand new forms of creativity. These lifeforms follow the natural laws of the local space time continuum. They are often considered his master's children and often presented as gifts to his employers. 
  5. Lauiri The Wandering Artist - She of the velvet hands is a harsh mistress of primal fury and chaos who makes random art from the various worlds she visits. Add to this the fact that she considers natural disasters and element forces her palette.You have a goddess of considerable fury and vigor who works for those who provide her with new challenges and materials. She often leaves behind many production pieces hanging in the heavens. 
  6. Maulil - This lawful collector of planets and cults is a lawful architect of religious zeal and creativity but bound by the laws of his master. This being is often found wandering the universes in search of the next job or conflict to find his masters worshipers and agents. 
  7. Savauturorc The Godly One - This being is a circuit of creative god energies and fire. A living star whose wanderings start the spark of new life and new civilizations. This being is Chaotic but represents gods whose world view is primal and moving. He works throughout the multiverse always looking for his next challenge and adventure. 
  8. Ugogori The Forger of The Chains of Law - This being moves with the speed of an arrow across time and space allowing those who see his face a glimpse into the infinity that is law itself. He guides species through evolution and works for those gods of fertility that follow law. He is also the weapons forger of law taking those same forces and using them as a weapon upon the cancer that is chaos. 
  9. Uril The Agent - This entity is a collection of evolved Chaotic energies just not life as we know it. The thing is alien in the extreme. Changing and rearranging itself and working for those who will provide a venue for new and changing challenges among the gods. It has been known to spark the face of creation and change that new start on life. This being may represent the moment of chaotic orgasm that is life itself. No one truly knows its ever changing alien mind. 
  10. Vaturorinauli The Stable One - This agent of the gods is perhaps one of the most well known of these beings. He travels the universe in column of light and star energy. He provides entertainment and heroics to races within the twilight of their last eons. He often assists alien races to make the next step on the cosmic ladder of life itself. He represents many gods and goddesses. He is a 12th level paladin and originally came from an agricultural world. 

Call Attendants And Wandering Servitors
Level 8 

Duration: 30 hours 
Range 1d8  light years
There are thousands of variations upon this spell but the theme which ties these spells together is sacrifice. A PC must sacrifice a piece of their souls to call these entities down upon themselves. For 1d20 rounds the caster chants the sacred texts of the attendant. Often times this is done with an FTL communication device.
Within the localized area an intense but highly localized planar rift will open and the Wandering servitor will arrive in a display of cosmic planar energy. Devices and super science artifacts must pass a minor save or stop working for a day as the planar energies play havoc with local space time continuum.
 The entity will stay for 30 hours and begin its mission. 

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  1. Love it! Particularly the description of the cloud giant aliens.

  2. Thanks Trey for the comment! I can't take credit for the "Cloud Giants" they've been floating around the internet for quite some time after a certain movie prequel came out. I'm actually going to do something with them over the next day or so.
    Greg over at Gorgon Milk has been kind enough to allow these wandering manics into The Petty Gods book.


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