Monday, April 29, 2013

More 1d10 Random Lovecraftian Cargoes Table For Your Old School Space Opera

Elder sign.jpg

1d10 Lovecraftian Cargoes Table 
  1. Deep one suspension pod with a double hit dice and about to wake up! 
  2. Particle weapon beam energy cell belonging to the elder things utilizing a shaggoth cell cluster which is about to break free 
  3. Hyper spacial shunt off of a Great Race Time Engine. Lose 1d4 hours of time when you pick it up or did you already do this? 
  4. Great white worm remains flash frozen. Part of a bio computer and holds 1d4 forbidden spells. Must be hooked up to a cyberdeck to access them. 
  5. Elder Thing healing patches 1d4 of them in suspension. If used on human victim must make a saving throw or make a mutation check. 
  6. Elder Sign badly damage and glowing with Great Old One energies. Take 1d4 points of damage and make a radiation check if handled. 
  7. Ghoul arm with magic ring on finger badly damaged and flash frozen. Roll on Magic ring table. 
  8. A wounded shaggoth flash frozen in eight places. Will revive in 1d6 hours with no memory of how it got here. Very aggressive and dangerous. 1/3 hit points. 
  9. Alien white substance not wholly within the local space time continuum.Actually an alien god mind looking for victims. Passing itself off as an artifact. 
  10. A wing from a spawn of Cthlhu badly damaged. 1d8 parasites riddled throughout it. They will infect anyone coming to examine the thing. Very dangerous. 

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