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Visions of The Dreaming Sky Lich - An Old School Encounter For Your Space Opera Campaign

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Visions of The Dreaming Sky Lich
 From out of the skies a group of  sub-humanoid alien marauders hurls their space craft upon your once peaceful settlement! Their blaster cannons scorching the grounds around your feet turning them to glass in a fraction of a nano second. 
 They have come!  The servants of the Dreaming Lord once again have made planet fall! 


They are part of a vast armada of alien battle space craft roaming the depths of hyperspace. These alien marauders are nothing more then pirates and thieves living off the dross and dreams of their once great undead lich lord.
 They raid worlds for slaves, booty, and the dreams of any unfortunate enough to cross their paths. These beings serve their once great lord as he dreams of the glories of the past empire he once ruled.
His sub-humanoid warriors raid and pillage where and when they want without pity or warning.
Housed within a vast haunted space fortress that roams the wastes of hyperspace these monsters sail the stars under the skies of the damned and mad.
Are they coming to get your colony worlds soon? 
The Heart of Madness And Depravity 

The Dreaming Lord was once the high priest and ruler of a vast alien empire but like all kings his empire past upon itself after a vast atomic war. His people went extinct but not before passing their ruler into the arms of Lichdom. As it was their custom he traveled between the stars in a vast armada of frigates, destroyers, and his floating sky fortress.
A 12th level wizard in life this monster became a mockery of damnation and terror in death.
 Living off the dross of dreams of the past and the monster was found by a crew of mutated sub humanoid madmen and warriors. These 3rd level  and 5th level fighters agreed to serve as an army for life to this once humanoid monster.
They move among the stars now a living disease of hate and conquest maintaining dying machinery and weapons of vast destructive power.
Their master was once a great dreamer and high priest to the Lord of Haunting And Dire Dreams. He is able move his fleet of 80 ships across vast interstellar distances by using the dreams of his god. They cross the bounds of unreality within 1d8 light years per day.
The Sky Lich spends most of his days traveling the astral seas and unrealities of hyperspace in search of new planets to raid while slaves and his crew maintain their ships.
 The lich is served by a court of fawning psychopaths and clerics who scribe the dreams of their lord watching and waiting for new worlds to conquer. 

The lich priest king is served by four scarred and debased planar demons. Each one the equal to a pit fiend from the Outer Darkness. These beings act as both counsel and body guards to their lord.

Treasure of The Sky Lich 

The Sky Lich is surrounded by thousands upon thousands of scrolls of forbidden knowledge and spells of the most dire and hellish magic. Each scroll is said to be worth 20,000 credits each but each one is cursed with a unique and terrible doom.  The treasure vaults of the monster are filled with unique and alien artifacts from across a myriad of worlds each one worth a fortune to the right alien tinker or collector of antiques.
The sky fortress of the lich is guarded by traps of the most diabolical nature and his sub human monster guards. Those who fall into the lich's clutches often times become part of this vast collection. Flash frozen to absolute molecular perfection by their master's hands and magics.
The treasure is guarded as well by two alien seventh level berserk holy warriors each armed with a laser sword of the most dangerous aspect. +2 or better if the rumors about these horrors are to be believed.

The Dreaming Warriors Of The Sky Lich


The deadly agents of the sky lich have been seen across the oververse. Often in the employ of wizards of vast power and influence these monsters heal as trolls. They often sport genetic alterations or mutations of the most dire aspect. These monsters often have minor psychic abilities such as telepathy or other telekinetic gifts. They are fanatically loyal to their uncaring god master. These beings gather intelligence while in the employ of others. They have been seen upon the Atomic post apocalyptic realities of other universes and the employ of minor demonic lords and their vile servant wizards.
They're master may at any time possess these monsters and act as one. This aspect as made them suspect employees and mercenaries at best. They are useful, reliable, and fight as 6th level fighters. Some are also specially created berserk holy warriors.
They often take mutant or special alien species for experimentation and other vile forms of alteration by their hellish master.


 Contact Dreaming Sky Lich
Spell Level : M2
Range: 1d8 light years 

Duration: 1 week
The caster creates a powerful psychic flare in the un realities of hyperspace for the Dreaming Sky lich's armada to find. The fleet will be drawn to the signal within seven days. The caster most have a twenty five credit sacrifice ready for the sky lich's forces upon arrival.
They will begin to move out across the face of the planet in plunder and conquest. The spell is rediculely easy to cast but only a fool would cast it without good reason. There have been rumors of those who misuse this spell being found with the pain endings of their nervous systems misfiring at random intervals.  

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